Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wishbox Fairy Lolita~

Honey I'm hooooome.

Sorry about disappearing, moving is hard work! I didn't get to show off the outfit I wanted to show off to everyone last Friday, and I got all the pictures ready yesterday but I needed to set up movers this morning because we're too hurt to move things out of the truck!

On SL I'm as pretty as can be though!~!

I've loved this dress from Wishbox for a really long time. <333 I paired it with some new shoes from Boom at Shoetopia and socks from The Sugar Garden and one of the rares from Aisling's horn Gacha from the Jersey Shore's Oh My Gacha event a bit back. These wings are soooo pretty. ;A; Of course, Violent Seduction's regal accessories and blouse left me feeling elegant and lolita while I mixed in my fantasy elements so I'm a lolita fairy yaaay!

I still have a lot of unpacking to do, so creds for you!


Body Stuffs;
Ajuga B in Dark Brown by Lo*Momo

Clothing Stuffs;

Crush in Periwinkle by Wishbox
The Lolita Blouse in Sax by Violent Seduction
::Leggings 1::
Baby Blue Dotted Thigh Socks by Crazy Daisy
::Leggings 2::
Rose Lace Tights in White and tinted to match the blouse by G Field
Frilly Lace Socks in White by The Sugar Garden
Posey Heels in Navy by Boom

Extras && Accessories;
::Crown & Scepter::
Regal Accessory Set in Silver and Navy and Silver and Light Blue by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
::Wings & Horns::
Lamb RARE by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
Inna Bracelets & Collar by Tekeli-li
::Eye Patch::
Eye Patch with Roese & Pearls colored to match the dress by Kuroi Hane (Malice & Malice)
Bianca Earrings in Teal by JSK Jewels
::Hair Bow::
Bow Headband in Black by Room Of Amo

See you all soooon!


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