Monday, December 16, 2013

Mother Winter

Sometimes, there's good in goodbyeeee~

More lyrics, love musiccc. <3 it's been snowing, snowing oh so awesomely snowing! I've even gone outsid and crunched in it. ME. OUTSIDE. WILLINGLY. It was so much fun and it made this adorable little crunchy sound and it made me sooo happy. * o * It gave me the idea to make a pretty winter inspired outfit. WELL, that and this amazing dress by Sassy that I found at Perfect Wardrobe.

Not only is my dress from Perfect Wardrobe but Le Fil Casse made adorable bows and we all know how obsesssssed I am with booows. SoIhadtoownthemall. :x I even changed my eyes for an Icy version of pretty bright green eyes and snow make-up that can be found in the 25 for 25 hunt by By Snow. Anyone else think that's weird to say? By By Snow. * Gigglefit * Oh the fun!

So this pretty dressie can be worn in two different ways, which I loooove, although I, of course went with the pretty flowy oneee. I've shown both options though! I love the hips on this thing, and the rear. Hng. <3


Body Stuffs;
Nana in Citrine by D!va
Snow Princess in Vanilla by Lamp*Light
Baby Brow * tintable * by The Sugar Garden
Snow Bauble Eyes in Green By By Snow !!25 for 25 Hunt!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Winter Daydream in New Snow by Sassy !!Perfect Wardrobe!!!
Posey Pumps in Sugar by Boom

Extras && Accessories;

Mei Mei lips in Frost Pink by The Sugar Garden
Snow Bauble Makeup by by Snow !!25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Doll Blush 3 by Dead Apples
::Hair Bows::
Movie Night Headband in Vintage Blue by Le Fil Casse !!Perfect Wardrobe!!!
Uni Horn Charm in Rose Gold Crown by Lamp*Light !!Gacha!!!
Spiked Collar in White by Pekka
::Necklace 1::
Frozen Heart Gacha pale gold necklace by Enfant Terrible !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2 & Matching Ring/Earrings::
Winter Flower Necklace, Ring, and earrings in Gold by Yummy
::Ring 2::
Diamond Snowflake Ring by Xia's Botique
Snowstars by Tekeli-li
Grace Wand – Crown in Rose Gold/Aquamarine !!Gacha @ Arcade!!!

O: Time to go play in the snow, ne? <3


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