Saturday, October 15, 2016

Busy Mode: On!

 Man times flies when you’re having fun. I’m coming to officially close my blog to you guys. Over the last week I’ve been telling sponsors of mine that I am officially not blogging anymore. I mean, unofficially when I get things I love I’ll show, but I will have no hard feelings for anyone deciding to stop following me as my updates will continue to be as infrequent as they have been! My priorities have changed and I’m living out of second life more than in it right now. Never quitting, because it’s an amazing community of very creative people, but I’ll be away for a bit working things out in my life.

Stay happy and cute, lovies~
Most of all, have fun!
(Room pictures I promised for those interested! * * *)

So let’s talk about these goodies, huh? I love this hair~ I’ve wanted French braids irl lately and a friend of my sister’s Kitty gives them to me while we roll around on the floor and do yoga. It’s a super fun and chill experience. The amazing body suit combo I have on is an Epic release mixed with a Melon Bunny release. Both of these are older and probably in the main stores alreay. I’m waaay behind! xD The Arm bands which I was going for like an in movement look are from Cubic Cherry and the pose is from Fawn’s Demise. (It’s like mid fall, it’s so cute!!) All of my décor is a micture of Melon Bunny, Half Deer, Soy, the new Genre Event, and Black Bantam/Pink Acid. All of my babies are black bantam/pink acid too!! I really love the entire look and put together, I hope you guys do too! :*


Body Stuffs;

 Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Ghostly Eyes by Zombie Suicide !!Group Gift!!!
Hourglass by Slink
Hands & Feet by Slink as well
Harley in Position 3 by Loud Mouth
Hair 8155 in Browns by Pink Hustler !!New @ Hairology!!!
Steking Ears by Mandala
Clothing Stuffs;
Sweet Bunny latex Suit in Lavender by Epic
::Workout Suit::
Melon Fit in Pink/Lavender (Hourglass) by Melon Bunny
::Leg Warmers::
Sweet Rainbow Legwarmers by Epic !!New @ Retro Rewind!!!
Extras && Accessories;

Kawaii Casette Necklace in Hot Pink Stars by Epic !!Gacha @ Retro Rewind!!!
A witches Gem Choker in Night Sky !!Gacha @ Salem!!!
A Witches Gem Ring in Night Sky by Black Bantam !!Gacha @ Salem!!!
Splinter Earrings by Zombie Suicide
Sugar Piercing in White by Zombie Suicide
Spiked Dimples by Punch
Sweet Berry Smart Watch in Mint by Blah !!Gacha Coming soon to Candy Fair!!!
Lollipop backpack in Yellow by Blah !!Coming Soon to Candy Fair!!
::Arm & Leg ribbons::
{Aarya} gacha set. By ::Cubic Cherry ::. !!New Gacha @ Momento Mori!!!


I wanna stop and take a minute to take about these amazing pieces by Melon Bunny that are not only a useable table and chair, but also aquariums and amazing works of art all in one! They’re also likely in the main store by now because I’m late but the time and effort put in to these can be seen so amazingly if you pan around them in ultra graphics. Truly stunning! All of these pet babies are scripted as per usual with the Black Bantam/Pink Acid pets to say things that’ll keep you giggling at it all day! <3 Love having them out, the creativity is endless with the designers in our world guys. ;~: <3 <3 <3

Geo Aquatica Table & Chair v1.0 by Melon Bunny
+Half-Deer+ Catface Rug (Pastel Mint)
[ht:apparel] dino slippers
[Black Bantam] Sleeping Mermaid Dog Bed !!Summer Arcade Gacha!!!
[Black Bantam] Shell Chair Ocean !!Summer Arcade gacha!!!
[Black Bantam] Mermaid Gemstone Pillow Coral !!Summer Arcade Gacha!!!
Soy. Wooden Beaded Curtain [Pastel]
[ht:home] lovecraftian frame - keep Cthulhu !!New @ Genre!!!
[Black Bantam] Rideable Rubber Narwhal (add/wear to ride) !!Summer Arcade Gacha!!
[Black Bantam] The Witches Guide Book Décor & Candle !!New Gacha @ Salem!!!


All by Black Bantam / Pink Acid
 [Black Bantam] Vu The Pomeranian Naked - Blonde updated
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Fem Pose2
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Male Binky Pose2
[Black Bantam] Dalmatian Puppy Male
[Black Bantam] Werewolf Pup Brown Male RARE
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Fem Binky Pose1
[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog V2 Male Pose1
[Black Bantam] My Black Chow Chow Puppy Male
[Black Bantam] Tintable Heart Binky For YOU =^.^= (Added to Werewolf baby!!!)
Pink Acid Hammy The Hamster On A Diet Red
[Black Bantam] Sleeping French Bikini Bulldog !!Summer Arcade Gacha!!

[Black Bantam] Westie Tongue Female