Friday, July 7, 2017


Hey guys! I don't have much credits today! I'm introducing Lemlems! I sometimes show pictures with friends and normally I don't do introductions but that's because I've been friends with them forever usually and mentioned them before shows~! This time, however, Brias introduced me to a friend and the three of us got an idea for a picture!

It was weeks ago but I was ill again, so I wasn't the only one that took a picture this time; Brias also did! Mine's the edited one above, and this one is Brias'!

Here is a super long picture showing off the d├ęcor a bit and each of us as well as our alcohols which is why the name of this is Kampaaaiiii! Which I'm sure we all have reasons to celebrate from anyway... life's as good as you make it, ne? <3 Smile often, loves! I'll see you soon with my ass out. ;D;D;D

Details are low because this was impromptu. My hair is by Wasabi Pills, Skin is Pink Fuel, Monocle is Cubic Cherry, and the towels we're all wearing are full perm off the mp. <3 If you want Deets on Lemlems or Brias please IM me with what so I can ask! :D


Skye Waterfall 5 Channel
Skye Waterfall 1 (no back)
01{Whimsical Garden} fluffy tree A .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
09{Whimsical Garden} crystals pink .::Cubic Cherry::.
14{Whimsical Garden} crystals white .::Cubic Cherry::.
{Floating bubbles} group C - kiss .::Cubic Cherry::.
{Floating bubbles} group A - kiss .::Cubic Cherry::.
12{Waterlilly} flower pink .::Cubic Cherry::.
[B. Labs] Reposado Tequila Tray
Aphrodite Japanese Sake tray
17{Waterlilly} petals A pink .::Cubic Cherry::.