Monday, September 30, 2013

Violent Seduction makes me Princess of the Kitchen!

Clearly I wasn't feeling much better, and I'm still not but I'm so excited to show off this look.

One my friends and I decided was a challenge for fun, that we extended to my lolita group. Lolitafy this! We call it, and this time it's mesh corsets.

Saka showed me the corset from the outfit and at first I sexified it because that's what I wanted to do with it and I thought I made it pretty cute. Then she said, “I wonder if we could lolita this.” and I was off on a rampage ready to do so!

It didn't take me long, and I love the result! At first I felt like it was missing something, and then Violent Seduction released their regal accessory set Gacha (of course I needed the rares ;A; but so worth it!) and I knew that's what the look needed. I like to joke that as a woman I belong in the kitchen with my friend (Saka who is the 'male' in our lolationship) so I decided to take the pictures in the kitchen of her house! I AM THE KITCHEN PRINCESS!

So with this whole blogging thing, I'm still trying to find my niche. What looks I like, what I like to do, how I like to portray things. Please bear with me as I change it around a bit so that I can do this in a way that it ends up uniform, easy to read, and simple for us all!

Body Stuffs;

Natural color pack
New @ Magika

Skin, eyes, eye lashes, and hands/nail polish have been previously linked before and are the same as always. The nail Polish is the black one by By Snow available for 1L on the MP.

Clothing stuffs;
Lolita Blouse
Hot Time
Promo price $160L for the outfit 
Stripe Scallop Skirt
Striped Lace Stockings
Platform Shoes Rosette

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;

::Hair Bow::
::Crown & Scepter::

Regal Accessory Set Gacha

Black & Silver (Rares)
$35L a play.
Scepters and Crowns come separately!
New @ Violent Seduction
::Wrist Cuffs::
Sweet Delusions
::Earrings & Ring::
Black Cross Set
Room Of Amo
::Neck Bow::
Lolita Blouse
Mesh Rigged Bow
Violent Seduction
Locked Heart Necklace

Since the most time consuming thing for me is getting the links together for everyone, I've decided that I'm no longer going to link things I've used before. Please use the labels to find the original links from the first time I've shown them. Anything without a link showing you where to get the item is that way because it's been shown before.

Thank you. <3

Muah~ <3

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elegant in G Field

This is an outfit I've wanted to blog for a while, but let's face it I'm a lazy chobit. :x

I'm also still not feeling well, but I'm determined to keep up with this!

For the Lolita groups last meet we did a Gothic Lolita theme for which Psyche, Saka, and I tripletted. Welooksocute.

One of the members and a friend of mine, Rose, opened her house as a lolita hang out. I love the themes she goes for when she decorated. Usually I just toss toys all over my room and call it a day. XD!

Keeping it short again, because I'm snoozy.

Because I'm not feeling well, I'm not jumping back and forth 100 times for LMs, but if you want them contact me in world and I will be happy to send. :]

Dress; Julia in green by G Field
Hair; Daylilly by Rosy Mood
Stockings; Woolen lace stockings in dark grey by Sassy Kitty Designs
Hair Ribbon; Ribbon B from Lo*Momo's mesh hair Ajuga.
Necklace; Key to my heart by Chaos, Panic, and Disorder.
Shoes; Ribbon Sling Back in dark green by G Field.
(I like these, can you tell?)

As always my skin, eyes, and lashes are the same and my shape is not for sale.

Let's hope I feel better tomorrow, hm? ;A;

COaB 5; Wishbox's Charm!

Normally my CoaBs are as cheap as I can possibly make them. I try really hard to spend little to nothing. However this time two of the items I used and got for free are now items that are worth a little bit of L. Regardless of that, I really like this look and I really love Wishbox so I decided to go with it.

It's a little more expensive than usual, but totally worth it.

The dress is a gift from Wishbox, one of my favorite stores. From amazing lolita dresses to sexy silks and wonderful fantasy wear, Jinn has brought some astounding beauty to Second Life. She's got quite a few gifts, but Charm is a dress by her that I loved and purchased soon after joining SL, so I decided to show that off this time.

Aside from just having an elegant lolita look, Charm also has a sexy side for those of you who like to shed some layers sometimes and appear sensual and sexy~

It's something I like a lot, versatile clothing that can change to fit my moods.~

Anyway I don't feel good so quickie tonight~
The goods; 

Dress; Charm in Blue by Wishbox which is a group gift. Unsure if the group needs any L to join. Stockings, garters, bum frills, chest frills, and sleeves are all a part of the dress. :]
Shoes; Classic Leather Pumps in Deep Blue by Duh tinted slightly to match the dress better. $25L
Choker; Captured Heart by Inca. $0L
Necklace; Mudra in Silver by Twishee. $22L
Nails; All the basics nail polish slink appliers by Infiniti. You need Slink hands to use this. I wear Elegant 1. For those of you without slink hands, here is an alternative. Slink appliers $10L other $25L
Bracelet; Black Ethnic Bangles by Bird Next Door. $5L
Earrings & Ring; Black Cross set by Room Of Amo $10L
Hair bows; Skully bows by Wishbox. Available from their Lucky Board or for sale near the Lolita dresses. $50L

As always my skin is Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel. I'm wearing the Tiffany from the Tiffany/Aqua pack. $900L. My eyes are still the forest glass eyes by Roly Poly. Eye lashes are still the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy. Hair is no longer available, sorry. ;A;

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pretty fall, pretty dresses~ Room Of Amo Giift!

Oh fall, fall fall fall~

As I've stated a few times, I'm pretty terrified of going outside. Because of this, as much as I mentally love every aspect of spring and summer and the life it brings to the world... I oh so adore the sense of death and ending that comes with fall. Soon will be over the days that I jump because a bug as sped by me.. soon will be over the days that lots of people gather in places because it's nice enough to go out and do things. Soon will be the days of my peace!

I had peace and simplicity in mind when I made this look. It's not a CoaB, but it could be with how much of the stuff I'm wearing is free/cheap/group gifty. However, I already have a CoaB planned for you all this week. O: And It's a lolita look! Tehehe.

The dress and stockings are group gifts. O: The dress is one, despite it not being lolita which is my overall love, I really like. I like the colors and designs on it. It comes in brown or green, both of which made me think of fall. I like how short it is, because it has a little hint of sexy from showing off so much leg but still has that simple cute look that helps retain modesty. (Which I am all for!)

Anyway enough blab, hm? I spent the day talking too much, looks like you guys are suffering from that too.

On to the goods!

Dress; Charmant Dress in Leaf Green by Room of Amo. The dress is one of their group gifts, among many other awesome gifts and a hunt that has 6 free dresses (until the end of the month!) though the dress is free once you're a group member, joining the group costs $77L. I believe it's very worth it. :]
Stockings; Flower Dot socks by Kyoko Couture in terre verte which are a group gift. I'd give you details on joining the group, but I've been a member since I joined SL so I don't remember if it costs anything. ;A; I believe it's nothing, since that's what it looks like in the group info... o3o
Shoes; Ribbon Sling Backs by G Field in Dark Green. $190L a pair~
Necklace 1; Diamond Lizard Gift by The-N for $1L
Necklace 2; Water Bag Goldfish by Love Soul which is a former group gift and is sold to their group members only. Group join is 500L, goldfish bag is now 180L. Miiight be available in a LC, but I'm not sure I haven't gotten all of their LC gifts yet.
Bracelet 1; ! Bracelets Butterfly by Silkroad tinted green to match the dress. $14L
Bracelet 2; "Say it. Fight it. Cure it" Leukemia awareness band by Happy Face for free~
Head Wreath & Garter; Tintable Rose Wreath by Cavern Obscura for 160L. I derped and didn't realize it had multiple colors so mine are pink and then tinted orange. -.o~ Still cute though.

Please remember that my skin is always Elly in Sugar tone by Pink Fuel($900L). I'm wearing the Meloncauli from the Meloncauli/Amazon pack with the included Bitten Doll Gloss. Eye lashes are always the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy($49L). Eyes are the Glass Eyes in Forest from the 5-8 pack by Roly Poly($199L). Hair this time is Genesis by Truth in the Light Browns pack. ($250L)

The little heart pet was from one of Sanu's gifts. Last I checked Sanu was closed for a while due to irl issues with the owner. Unfortunately that leaves it unavailable, butbut if anyone hears about it coming back let me know because I looove that place!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonderful, wonderful Friends~

I make it no secret that I'm nuts. I'm like, pretty much as nuts as it gets. One of my problems is an extreme social anxiety that prevents me from even really leaving the house. Due to this, I really treasure the friends that I do make.

Often, their personalities alone are why I come to treasure them, but sometimes they go out of their way to do something (Even something simple) that melts my heart into goo.

This time my friend Psyche went out of her way to make me a lolita white mage outfit. White mages are.. hng... such loves of mine. Ever since the first final fantasy I played they were the ones that had my heart.

They remind me a lot of myself. In the back row, helping others as much as they can with little other use (Or so it seems) outside of buffing and healing. I've always been one to be in the background, letting others take the spotlight as I've often done a lot for them and let them believe I was doing next to nothing. The kicker though is, just like when we reach a boss battle that kicks our asses to the point healers are brought back into the party if they've been taken out, they always come back to me because what I do is obvious.

Unfortunately this would be an, “FFFUUU” post, since the dress is unavailable!~ I'm also on my way out soso when I get home tonight, I'll tell you where to get the things that are as well as show you a substitute white mage outfit that won't be lolita but is still super cute! MUAH~

For all of yous that tuned it and then came back for the goods, thank you and I'm sorry all in one! Lovebug had a football game and I've been trying to force myself outside, so I went along. SCARYYYY. Kinda fun too. ANYWAY ON TO WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORR~

Hair; Genesis by Truth, $250L a color.
Bows; Twin Hair Ribbon by Ai cafe for $100L
Hands are Elegant 1 by Slink for $450L
Stockings; Striped lace stockings in Marshmallow by AviCandy for $59L
Boots; Lolita Princess Boots 2 Patterns by Crazy Kitty for $290L
Staff is a part of the Enchantress Fantasy Costume by Deviance for 400L a color. I used Ice.

As always my skin is Elly in Sugar, by Pink Fuel. I'm wearing the Pure from the Pure/Angelic pack and am wearing the Blood Doll Gloss from their included make-up kit($900L A set). My eyes are the Glass Eyes in Forest in pack 5-8 by Roly Poly ($100L A pack) and my lashes are the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy ($49L) My shape was made by me and is not for sale.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Cute On a Budget 4; Yoko club look.

It's that time again, but for those of you who follow me for my cute on a budget posts, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. ;A; <3 This post is for you, and then it's off to blissful weekend land... where I now get to watch lovebug kill hookers. He's gotten the GTAV bug, luckily I like blood and violence so I don't mind much. I'm actually enjoying watching him play. I'd have done a COaB earlier.. but...

I just realized I have more outfits I want to show off than I know what to do with, and I keep ending up making new ones because of something I've found on the MP or was shown to me. Two outfits this week were totally unexpected.

Last night, however, as I was going through my inventory to clean it (It gets full really fast with all the freebs I get. XD!) I remembered and put together a more mature and fun look for you all. It kind of reminds me of a clubby look, so I went to my favorite club to take the pictures for it! :]

Aside from the skin, hair, and make up (Which I found cheap alternatives for you for! O:) the entire outfit cost me... 4L, at most... XD

Yes, that's right. 4 Lindens. Would be seven if you add in the make-up I'm linking as an alternative and using one of the skins from Mother Goose, which I will tell you about in a moment! O:

I'm pretty much a Decora fanatic, so the normal lolita styles that I wear are tame for me. Which is nice partly because I have no idea what I own anymore. XD I found a set of hair pins though, and from them ended up in Mother's Gooses store. I'd heard of the shop before, but never went there. I got 25 skins without paying a single dime. Got about 10 more for 1L each. Some of them are more silly/fun than serious and useable, but there are a few that are. I highly suggest anyone looking for a cute skin to go and see what they have. Have some fun at Mother Goose's!

With that out of the way, on to~


Hair; Midnight by  [ e l i k a t i r a ] which I got when it was on sale for like 75L. Why I decided to use it. However, it seems all of their previous products have been retired. ;A; I tried to find something similar really fast on the MP and found this which is all the colors for 240L and a lot cheaper than many hairs, but it's also not exactly the same. Lamb may have something along the lines of the one I'm wearing too. ;A; I'm sorry!
Dress; Mesh Sequin Violet dress by Yoko which is a gift I found on the MP for $1L! O: Rigged mesh in standard sizes.
Socks; Stockings are Black Victorian Lace Stockings by Lali's that come with Slink feet appliers and are free. (There's a white version too! O:)
Boots; Are Boots V3 by (R E D) which are a free gift. Mesh boots in standard sizes.
Nails; are Fashionable Black Slink hand nail appliers on Slink Hands Elegant 1. Nail polish applier made by ~*By Snow*~ and are $1L. I just got Slink hands, so I'm going nuuuts. :x For those of you without Slink hands, there's a dollarbie that's very similar called Cross Nails Gift by -Nemezi- 
Bracelets; You by A m o r o u s which are a free gift.
Necklace; Unisex Onyx necklace by *Respect* which is a group gift. I found it on the MP and was unable to find it again. I didn't know that the store was a biker store, because I wasn't reading, and was unable to find it in world because I got crazy busy, but it's from there I promises~
Make-up Substitutions; Eye Make-up Lipstick

As always the skin I am wearing is Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel. To get the make-up I am wearing I have on the Bewitched/Fusion make-up pack. I am wearing Fusion and I am also wearing True Blue Glam Lip Stick. My lashes are the same as always. Lush Lashes by Eye Candy, as are my eyes which are the Glass eyes in Forest which is in pack 5-8 from Roly Poly. My shape is one I made myself and is not for sale.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Violent Seduction has Violently seduced me again!

Violent Seduction put out her new part system part mesh blouses Tuesday night, and Wednesday Saka and I splurged on as many of them as we could get. Blouses are a Lolitas best friend, so I went nuts and got all of them.


Though not gone are the days of buying more blouses because seriously, you can't have too many. XD

Because I was so excited, I redid her dress Versailles which is shown in my intro post as

with her new blouse~

Hnggg it looks so good.

The blouses come with short sleeves, long sleeves that are rigged mesh, a collar, and a rigged and unrigged mesh bow. (Each look different!) The bows attach separately, which makes it possible to mix and match to perfect an outfit. The blouses are omg so gorg and best of all, they come with Lush/Lola appliers. I'm personally not a fan of the lolas because I highly dislike their shape, but the lush boobs I'm omg so a fan of. Thanks to this blouse I finally gave in and got them since now I can be a fuller figured lolita and still keep my modesty. SOHAPPY ;A; <3

Here are pictures of the blouses in every color they're available in. I seriously suggest everyone go get some (ORALLLOL) since they're super gorg, so versatile, and only 100L a pop.

(Please note that the blouses while labled are Lolita blouses are not paired with lolita looks in this picture because I wanted them to be the focus. Nothing about the look I'm wearing in this picture is lolita.)

I'd have gotten this up yesterday but SL was being a terrible meanie to me. Anyone else having problems? <...3

Hair; Wakka and Yuki hair 84 in the A packs, brown. (I hear they're closed, so if anyone has information on that please feel free to IM me with details. O: If not, it's no longer available and I'm sorry but I loove it. ;A;)
Dress and Blouse; Violent Seduction Versailles in Envy (dark green) wearing the underbust part. Mesh dress that comes in two sizes with a full top and underbust option. Lola/lush appliers. 600L a color Blouse is her The Lolita Blouse in black wearing the long sleeve. Blouse details above. 100L a pop~
SocksRotton Toe heart tights in black on black. Available in a multi pack of colors for $15L
ShoesG field ribbon sling black in dark green. 190L a pair.
Pearl necklace and earringsLazuri gift on the MP green 2 with med shine to match dress.
Cage necklaceBird Next Door long vintage bird cage necklace on MP for $10L
Hair from Blouse PictureWasabi Pills Trish Hair, double, in Wild Honey. 250L a color pack. Bow is texture change by a script.

As usual my skin is Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel with the hot pink doll gloss on that comes with the skin. My eye lashes are by Eye candy and my eyes are the glass eyes in forest from the 5-8 pack by Roly Poly. Shape is my own and is not and never will be for sale.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kre-ations Lolita dress goes oh so perfectly...

with the G Fields shoes that were a group gift before. Kate, in Plum. HNGG. <3

So this mesh lolita dress is like all over the place now, and because I know some aspects of building I haven't been getting it much.

But HNG Kre-ations made some of the most adorable works with it that I'd seen yet, and unfortunately most of them were too silly for me to look at and think of a way to lolita them properly... but then the pretty purple one with hearts caught my eye. The lines on it are the SAME color as G Field's Kate shoes in Plum, which were a group gift I was dyyying over and have wanted to use forever.

My friend Saka got the brown one, so this time you can see boooth of us~

I've decided against doing the picture to show off the goods. I'm lazy and my photoshop has been crashing. I'll, instead, just leave Links/LMs like normal people. ;A; NOORMAL.

For the details on the goods Saka's wearing, go HHEERREE

As far as me;

Hair; is Ami by D!va in Citrine (B)
$180L per color pack.
Dress; is Sugar Lolita Dress in Lilac Love by Kre-ations
$200L per color.
Blouse; Sugar Favorite Blouse by Honey Kitty
$160 per color
Stockings 1; Striped Lace socks by AviCandy
$49L a pair
Stockings 2; White Lace stockings by Ambrosia
$1L for the pack of 4 socks
These are tinted to match the dress.
Hair Bow; KC Girls (Hair Ribbon set) by Kyoko Couture
$1L for the black and white
This is tinted to match the dress.
Jewelry set; Gift Classic Pearls Set by Lazuri
$0L for the set.
Bracelets, drop earrings, and necklace is worn.

All purple with silver metal.
Shoes; Kate by G Field in Plum.
Were a group gift. Unsure if available any longer. <..3
They have other awesome shoes though, go look! :D

Please note, that as usual, my skin is Elly by Pink Fuel in the Sugar tone. I'm wearing the Lilac from the Lilac/Rockabilly set with no gloss. Eye lashes, again as usual, are the Lush Lashes from Eye Candy.  Eyes are the Glass eyes in Forrest from Roly Poly pack 5-8. Shape is mine and cannot be obtained anywhere. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


One of my favorite things in the world, both inside and outside of second life is creativity.

When someone takes something that most would normally not and does something with it that can make me take a second look, I'm immediately impressed.

I try to implement this into the things I do on second life as much as possible by moving things and even going as far as using anklets as bracelets and so forth at certain times. Or bows from clothes as hair accessories if the permissions allow.

Back when I went decora nuts, however, I did not know as much about building and permissions as I do now, and when a friend of mine was having trouble with decora because he was a furr that very easily hit the maximum of 32 attachments, I helped him using the things I'd learned.

We spent a bit today using some full perm stuff he got to attach to his ears, and some mod stuff he had that he could attach to his ears and decorated them enough to get the decora crazy look right while tricking the system into letting it all be worn in only 32 attachments.

As the hair decorating was with Psyche, this was a blast and I loved it.

I have no goods for you today, though if you want to know where something is from you can IM me and I'll ask Caxy if I don't know. <33

Be creative, loves! We have the freedom to do so~

Saturday, September 14, 2013



It's that wonderful, wonderful day again.

The day where I abandon the internet for the weekend to cater to the one that spoils me and makes my life so much greater as best I can while I have time with him. The time when I stay up late and sleep in or play Harvest Moon for hours while he plays tactical games on the PS3 that make his brain goo.

My favorite time of the week.

It's Friday again, and that means it's weekend to myself time.

I love the simple things in life, and because of this I put together a very simple outfit to share with you all. :]

It's a very pretty and classical dress from Hal Hina which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. The goods you'll be getting on Monday because I am still, in fact, a sleepy Chii. However I can list off for you fast that the wreath is from World's End Garden, the shoes are From Wishbox, the hair is from Truth, and the ears are ++PE++, however MP links and SLURLS are to come monday.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cute on a Budget 3; Blue Blood!

I was really excited to see that Blue Blood was offering 1L dresses in their store. That's right, entire dresses for 1L. Some even include stockings. It's reallt nice for someone like me because I don't much wear gothic lolita, and they are great for 'gothic couture' like the name says.

It gave me an idea and I began trying to put a gothic look together that somehow ended up looking more vintage. I liked it though, so I kept it.

It's this weeks cute on a budget!

I realize I have a hard time keeping things completely free/cheap because I have a large inventory. However, this time I included what was optional and a reason for picking things that I added so it can help people make choices of their own. :D <3

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sleepy Chii in Tee*fy

This look represents more how I've been feeling lately; very, very sleepy.

My friend Psyche gave me this adorable nightie in Mint which she got at the arcade. I haven't allowed myself to go because Lovebug's buyign me some odd $800 worth of lolita dresses and shoes irl and therefore I'm not asking for Lindens. ;A;!

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I have a ton of stuff that I haven't used and am finding as I clean out and go through my inventory. (Inventory cleaning Wednesdays! <3)

S'where I found these adorable hair pins which are from A:B and were helll to find again to try and link you guys to!!

I've also spoken to a few other bloggers and was told that getting bombarded with Ims on how to get exact looks isn't as much of a problem as I thought it would be. I get asked to do make-overs often because a lot of people I know can't work things like I can. So I've decided I'm going to start leacing Lms/MP links and information on what I'm wearing directly on the blog since I know it won't mean I'll be hounded. (Please don't hound me, I'll help when I can but my social anxiety will make me go back to Ncs only if I begin to be hounded. <...3)

I forgot the daisy pins because I'm a derp and still hadn't found them and the nail polish I'm wearing isn't included because I got it ages ago and can't find it on the MP anywhere, but it's *Rezlpsa Loc*'s Pastel Nail Pack I'm wearing Minty Fresh Nails.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Honey Kitty Twinning!

So when I joined second life I did so looking to wear lolita. A friend of mine kept showing me different pictures of her avatar in cute clothes and at first I was neh because I was content with my avatar sites. She and I have similar tastes so we often dress alike in different colors, though usually we're opposites since she's big on Gothic Lolita and I'm a huge Sweet Lolita fan.

As such, it didn't take long for Honey Kitty to take a permanent place in my heart. I still don't even have every dress from there, but every time I walk in I want a new one that I somehow hadn't seen before. (And I have more than 20 things from them, I believe. X3!)

Last Saturday we tried our first weekend Lolita meet for my Lolita group, and the theme was sweet lolita. While lovely Psyche an accessory set from HK we toyed with the idea of twinning for the event. The idea was like a wild fire. It went from wearing the same dress to the same cardigan and then we spent I don't even know how long jeweling our hair, together, so that we could have the exact same look in different colors where we'd opposite one another and still have super adorable sweet looks for the party.

It was more fun than I would have imagined, even the piece by piece starring of the hair. XD

Psyche is one of my favorite lolitas, she's sooo friggin' adorable and always keeps the same hair/eye color and skin look. Which is something I also do and I think is really cute. She has her own blog, so go stare at her cuteness! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cute on a Budget 2; KAWAII COUTURE && Weekend breakk~

So while frolicking around in my swimsuit all day before the lolita meet tonight (WHICH IS IN JUST A FEW MINUTES EEE) I was told by my sinister friend (lololbecausehernameissauceysinister) that not only was she putting the super cute flip flops she made into her 7seas pond as a gift, but was also putting in the swimsuit I was wearing. Along with those a flavor of her adorable dollypop and multiple flavors of her cute to the tops push up pops are also available. All for FREE in her fishing pond to those of you who like to 7Seas fish. :D

Those of you who don't, it might be the time to start because she's planning on putting a lot of cool stuff in there through time!

I also fell super in love with this hair from Ploom, so I had to show it off.

While hanging out with a few of the girls last night, a friend of mine Psyche was going on and on about the arcade. I have not yet allowed myself to play there, considering i'm quite low on L. She gave me these super cute bunny ears she got from a gacha and showed me where to get a free bunny tail~ Now I'm a swimsuit bunny of cuteness!

Considering earrings (Though not this color), the swimsuit, and the flip flops are all now available in the pond for free if you're into the seven seas fishing, this is my week's cute on a budget! I already told you where to get everything anyway! X3 <3

I can't wait to go frolic around on the beach with the other lolitas now. ;AAA;!

Afterwards my third in a row extended weekend is beginning, but I really need the bread after stupid doctor phone calls earlier. <33!

Failing but still loving RMK!

So I've done a terrible job this week at posting every week, but rl has been hectic. My lolita blog also suffers from me being behind because of it. However I won't even pretend the rest of the week is going to be any better! XD As usual I am away on the weekends and my love has taken this friday off, so I will be gone from Friday until Monday~

Monday is a heavy cleaning day for me usually, but as of next Tuesday I am back to making a post a day! (I've even taken pictures and stuff, just haven't thrown them together!)

When I got RMK's Wonderland in red to match Lovebug, I also got it in blue for myself, which is what I wore to Friday's Lolita meet which was a smashing success! (In my opinion~)

It got me looking at real life lolita dresses. HNNNGG <3

A little different than what I threw together for the red, but I love it just as much. <33!!

Notecards for this look aren't going to be available until Tuesday September 10th.

I'll try and post my cutie swimsuit from my lolita group's beach party tomorrow as well!! If not, next week.