Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cute on a Budget 2; KAWAII COUTURE && Weekend breakk~

So while frolicking around in my swimsuit all day before the lolita meet tonight (WHICH IS IN JUST A FEW MINUTES EEE) I was told by my sinister friend (lololbecausehernameissauceysinister) that not only was she putting the super cute flip flops she made into her 7seas pond as a gift, but was also putting in the swimsuit I was wearing. Along with those a flavor of her adorable dollypop and multiple flavors of her cute to the tops push up pops are also available. All for FREE in her fishing pond to those of you who like to 7Seas fish. :D

Those of you who don't, it might be the time to start because she's planning on putting a lot of cool stuff in there through time!

I also fell super in love with this hair from Ploom, so I had to show it off.

While hanging out with a few of the girls last night, a friend of mine Psyche was going on and on about the arcade. I have not yet allowed myself to play there, considering i'm quite low on L. She gave me these super cute bunny ears she got from a gacha and showed me where to get a free bunny tail~ Now I'm a swimsuit bunny of cuteness!

Considering earrings (Though not this color), the swimsuit, and the flip flops are all now available in the pond for free if you're into the seven seas fishing, this is my week's cute on a budget! I already told you where to get everything anyway! X3 <3

I can't wait to go frolic around on the beach with the other lolitas now. ;AAA;!

Afterwards my third in a row extended weekend is beginning, but I really need the bread after stupid doctor phone calls earlier. <33!


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