Saturday, September 14, 2013



It's that wonderful, wonderful day again.

The day where I abandon the internet for the weekend to cater to the one that spoils me and makes my life so much greater as best I can while I have time with him. The time when I stay up late and sleep in or play Harvest Moon for hours while he plays tactical games on the PS3 that make his brain goo.

My favorite time of the week.

It's Friday again, and that means it's weekend to myself time.

I love the simple things in life, and because of this I put together a very simple outfit to share with you all. :]

It's a very pretty and classical dress from Hal Hina which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. The goods you'll be getting on Monday because I am still, in fact, a sleepy Chii. However I can list off for you fast that the wreath is from World's End Garden, the shoes are From Wishbox, the hair is from Truth, and the ears are ++PE++, however MP links and SLURLS are to come monday.



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