Tuesday, September 17, 2013


One of my favorite things in the world, both inside and outside of second life is creativity.

When someone takes something that most would normally not and does something with it that can make me take a second look, I'm immediately impressed.

I try to implement this into the things I do on second life as much as possible by moving things and even going as far as using anklets as bracelets and so forth at certain times. Or bows from clothes as hair accessories if the permissions allow.

Back when I went decora nuts, however, I did not know as much about building and permissions as I do now, and when a friend of mine was having trouble with decora because he was a furr that very easily hit the maximum of 32 attachments, I helped him using the things I'd learned.

We spent a bit today using some full perm stuff he got to attach to his ears, and some mod stuff he had that he could attach to his ears and decorated them enough to get the decora crazy look right while tricking the system into letting it all be worn in only 32 attachments.

As the hair decorating was with Psyche, this was a blast and I loved it.

I have no goods for you today, though if you want to know where something is from you can IM me and I'll ask Caxy if I don't know. <33

Be creative, loves! We have the freedom to do so~


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