Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonderful, wonderful Friends~

I make it no secret that I'm nuts. I'm like, pretty much as nuts as it gets. One of my problems is an extreme social anxiety that prevents me from even really leaving the house. Due to this, I really treasure the friends that I do make.

Often, their personalities alone are why I come to treasure them, but sometimes they go out of their way to do something (Even something simple) that melts my heart into goo.

This time my friend Psyche went out of her way to make me a lolita white mage outfit. White mages are.. hng... such loves of mine. Ever since the first final fantasy I played they were the ones that had my heart.

They remind me a lot of myself. In the back row, helping others as much as they can with little other use (Or so it seems) outside of buffing and healing. I've always been one to be in the background, letting others take the spotlight as I've often done a lot for them and let them believe I was doing next to nothing. The kicker though is, just like when we reach a boss battle that kicks our asses to the point healers are brought back into the party if they've been taken out, they always come back to me because what I do is obvious.

Unfortunately this would be an, “FFFUUU” post, since the dress is unavailable!~ I'm also on my way out soso when I get home tonight, I'll tell you where to get the things that are as well as show you a substitute white mage outfit that won't be lolita but is still super cute! MUAH~

For all of yous that tuned it and then came back for the goods, thank you and I'm sorry all in one! Lovebug had a football game and I've been trying to force myself outside, so I went along. SCARYYYY. Kinda fun too. ANYWAY ON TO WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FORR~

Hair; Genesis by Truth, $250L a color.
Bows; Twin Hair Ribbon by Ai cafe for $100L
Hands are Elegant 1 by Slink for $450L
Stockings; Striped lace stockings in Marshmallow by AviCandy for $59L
Boots; Lolita Princess Boots 2 Patterns by Crazy Kitty for $290L
Staff is a part of the Enchantress Fantasy Costume by Deviance for 400L a color. I used Ice.

As always my skin is Elly in Sugar, by Pink Fuel. I'm wearing the Pure from the Pure/Angelic pack and am wearing the Blood Doll Gloss from their included make-up kit($900L A set). My eyes are the Glass Eyes in Forest in pack 5-8 by Roly Poly ($100L A pack) and my lashes are the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy ($49L) My shape was made by me and is not for sale.



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