Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haloween look 10; CoAB 10!


Sorry these are short and kinda shitty. D: <..3



Body Stuffs;
Sugar High in Light Browns by Exile (ONLY 75L A COLOR O:)

Clothing Stuffs;

Merry you Halloween Edition by Dimbula Rose (RMK HUNT GIFT)
Ruffle Bolero in Pumpkin by G Field
::Stockings 1::
Autumn Tights in Orange by Kyoko Couture
::Stockings 2::
Saloon Girl Stockings in Flower Gold by Overland trail
Autumn Rigged Mesh Boots by Obey Girl 6

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Big Bow Hairband by Y&R
Emo Punk Bracelets 4 by ScarPunk
Halloween Earrings by 4funeral

Andandbyebye. <3



I slept all day, so my post is late.

I'm sorry. D:

Forgive me?

If it'll help you forgive me, you're getting TWO posts today as a treat! O: One for this, which is my AWESOME ZOMBIE COSTUME HNNGG <3

And one for CoAB. Didn't think I forgot, did you? D; <3


Body Stuffs;
Jina in Citrine by D!va
Zombie Alice Skin by Death Row Designs
Nocturnal Vision - #2 w/Black Sclera Eyes by Nocturna Gothic Designs

Clothing Stuffs;

Zombie Bloom by Rotten Toe
Baby Doll Bloody dress; BDW Bloody top by Rotten Toe
Torn White Socks – Bloody by Randomcity
Ribbon Shoe in Zombie Couture Edition by Dita's

Extras && Accessories;
::Crown & Scepter::
The Regal Accessory Set in Red/Gold by Violent Seduction
::Hair Bow::
Alice Summer Dress in Dirty's Hair bow by Dimbula Rose
The Lolita Blouse in Red's unrigged Collar by Violent Seduction
::Necklace 1::
The Tooth Fairy by Kosh
::Necklace 2::
Zombie Necklace by Dirty Land
::Skirt accessories, corset bows, earrings & leg bows::
Decorations from The Bloody Countess by Budoir
::Make-up 1::
Flirt – Rawr Eye Liner by Spearsong & Flirt Cosmetics
::Make-up 2::
Sticky Kiss Gloss in Black Night by Beauty Killer


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two things I love lots...

Today's a pretty crappy day for me, loveloves. I decided to show off a dress that I love and that you've seen before but redone using the RMK Gift version which is -completely- free. I'm also going to tell you something about myself that has to do with today.

So first, about me (Because I know the clothes are what you REALLY want)
Today is the 3 year anni of my bbydoll and biggest love's death. She was like a daughter to me, even though she was just a cat, and it's a day that's really hard on me every year. This little thing followed me around the house like we were two parts to one whole. Slept in my arms like a baby, laid on my shoulders when I was more active than she wanted to keep up with, and slept atop my computer monitor when I was on the computer and typing too much for her to sit in my lap. She was inbred and I saved her from a cat hoarder who ruined both of our lives because it was my father. She was my reason to wake up every day despite my growing mental illnesses, and was the strength that kept me leaving the house and going to work like a normal person for the entirety of our time together. Since her passing I have basically become full agoraphobic and my social anxiety is to the point I panic the moment I see people. Every year at this time I can't help but falling into a depression low enough that I sleep all day because it's really hard continuing on without her.

I keep all her happy memories in me though, because our time together was magical.

Speaking of magical


This look was really fun for me. It's my, 'lol I'm in a costume' look because it's something I'd wear normally minus the tail, horns, fangs, and striped socks; all of which are pretty much staple 'costumes' for people irl. It's for those people who just put on devil horns and are all, “Haha I'm a devil for Halloween. 8D”

Haha, I'm a cutie monster for Halloween!

The Goodies;
Body Stuffs;
Noemi in Light Browns by Truth
Vampire Teeth by Shine
Lamb in Nuage by Aisling
Upright Demon Tail in Matte White by Lemon Tea

Clothing Stuffs;
Nosferatu in Lavender by Violent Seduction
Blanc Cirque Noir Stockings by Schadenfreude
Baby Ankle Socks in Lavender by Honey Kitty
The Lolita Blouse in Mint by Violent Seduction
Ribbon Slingback Shoes in Ice Green by G Field

Extras && Accessories;
::Crown & Scepter::
The Regal Accessory set in Black and Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Bows::
The Lolita Blouse, unrigged Mesh Bow in Light Purple & Mint by Violent Seduction
Black Hoop Earrings Spiderweb by Grumble !!Gacha!!!
Chained up cross necklace in silver by Fusion
::Wrist Cuffs::
Lolita Crown Cuffs in Black by Ezura
::Ring 1::
Daisy Ring 009 by A:B
::Ring 2::
Silver Cranium ring in Green by Sakide
::Mouth blood::
Bloody Lips by Redrum
::Lip Gloss::
Duck Lips in Coal by Pink Acid
::Ankle Bows::
Bow Bound in Sombre by Candy Mountain


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Katat0nik's the pumpkin of my pie.


I finally got to play with my friends in dresses! This adorable little thing in the middle is my cuteness Lili, and she inspires me -so- much. She brightens my every day and is just the cutest thing! She does a more erokawaii (sexycute) type mix of outfits, to give her bloggie a lookie? (YOUS ALREADY KNOW SAKA. xD <3)

Since I have no idea what time it is when you're reading this. Anyone else go totally crazy over Katat0nik's newest release? I sure did. :x She's been one of my favorite designers since I joined SL, and MAAAN do I want to fatpack this at some point if I can afforddd itt. <3 DONATE TO THE CHOBII FUND? Lololol! Jkjk, I have an awesome friend Devilotte who gave me the L I needed to get this dress and one of the colors of the dress's main form. With the spirit of Halloween, I put aside the awesome look I was going to show you today and decided to show this off. This dress is limited for Halloween, from what I'm understanding; so go pick it up!

I've been doing a lot of Ploom's hairs, I know, but I totally love them. ;A; I swear you'll see more variety soon! More goodies from the Horror Fest and other events shown here, though only in accessories. Kat's dress is at her main store, so go go go!

The Goods (So you can get to shopping!)

Body Stuffs;
Squrrel in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
Choco dress in Halloween by Katat0nik
Autumn Tights in Yellow by Kyoko Couture
Choco socks in Halloween Heart 2 by Katat0nik
Strap Shoes "Alex" in Brick by G Field

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Orange Spideweb Bow by Amame Kids !!Gacha!!!
Creepy Dolls Headband in Pumpkin by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
::Mini Pumpkin::
Painted Pumpkin in Boo by Half Deer
::Lip Heart::
Make-up Red Heart Lips by Damned
Vampire teeth by Shine
::Necklace 1::
My cute Vampaia Necklace in Peach by Blah
::Necklace 2::
Key to my heart in Chic fabric 1 by Rotten Toe
::Necklace 3::
Doll Mourning Locket in Orange by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
Skullobs Earrings by Swagger
Elforn by Panda Express
::Ring 1::
Little Ghost Ring by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelet 1::
Cookie Sweet Bracelet in Vanilla Cream by Honey Kitty
::Ring 2::
Hello Bow Ring in Orange by Candy Doll
::Bracelet 2::
Strappy Bracelet in Brown by Crash Republic !!Gacha!!!
Black Lace Slink Applier by D!va
Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings in orange by Epic !!Gacha!!!
Devil Tail by Medusa Neko


Kyoko Couture & The Sugar Garden make me so happy I CRYYYY


Sick of Halloween looks yet?

I hope not, I still have a bunch more to show you! ;A;

Today's is based around a gift from Kyoko Couture, a store I've been a group member of since I joined SL. <3 It's paired with the -AMAZING- new shoes from The Sugar Garden, which were at Perfect Wardrobe in a Halloween edition.

I hate, hate, hate, spiders..

...but I had to have these so much I bought SLINK FEET just to wear them. They're so gorg. <3

The cute little bat lights behind me are from a Gacha at the Tricky Treats Gacha Village! Go check that place out, just make sure you pay attention to what clothes are for TD avs! I have so many looks set up for this week... I hope I have the time to get them all in before Halloween! ;A;

Short-n-sweet just like me! :'D

Body Stuffs;
Plume in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
KC M* No. 1 [HHG'13] by Kyoko Couture
Gothic Lace Suspender Tights by Cannibelle
Lolita Platforms *Spooky* in Black by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Sprinkles::
Autumn Hair Sprinkles by S&B !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Band::
Batty Head Band in Hallows Eve by Forever Young
Hammer in head by Backwoods Mafia !!Gacha!!!
::Running Make-up::
Why so Sad Tattoo by Rotten Toe
::Eye Make-up color::
Soft Smoke Eye Make-Up in Soft Gold by Glamorize
::Eye Liner::
Star Struckeyeliner by Beautiful Delux
Sticky Kiss Gloss in Black Night by Beauty Killer
Skull Spiked Bow by Gloom Industries
Batelina Necklace Common (Black) by The Forge !!Gacha!!!
::Med Necklace::
Marshmallow Frosting Necklace by Catwa 
::Long Necklace::
Skeleton Hands Necklace F by Death Row Designs
::Pet friend!::
TOD Plushie in Carrot by Birdy !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelets 1::
Halloween Bracelets by NaTaS
::Bracelets 2::
Magic Pumpkins Bracelet by Pixel Box
::Ring 1::
Creepy Cabochon Ring Monster by TLB !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
"Fright Night" Macabre Ring - Face of Damien (Scared) by CIRCA !!Gacha!!!
Marshmallow Frosting Anklets by Catwa

I thinks I got it all! Off to count how many treats I have left for you!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rotten Toe && Violent Seduction harmony~

Wutwut two weekend postss!? Makes up for missing Friday, ne?

I loove these new bows from Witches & Rats, and I've been wanting to do a halloween green and purple outfit; which was a little harder to put together than I thought it would be... butbut then I found this Rotten Toe skirt with so many different purples in it that I was all, “I CAN DOO THIIIIS~”

So I did.

I also lovelovelove all the new hairs from Ploooooom. ;A; <3 She's like my favorite hair maker at the moment. Hnngg. <3


The Goods;
Body Stuffs;
Isabel in Browns by Ploom
Frankenstitches tattoo by Bubble Gum Treasure Trove

Clothing Stuffs;
Puff Puff Dress in Purple by Rotten Toe
The Lolita Blouse in Lime by Violent Seduction
Stockings color pack in green by Sysy's
Lace up Boots "Gina" in Black by G Field.

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Bat headband in Lavender by Witches & Rats
Coco in Reglisse by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
Sailor Kitty Earrings in Black by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 1::
Horror Necklace Black (Frankenstine's Monster) by Cute Poison !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Twitchy Witchy Hat necklace by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
 Halloween Pixel Bracelet Batty (Rare) by Kawaii !!Gacha!!!
::Arm Warmer & Bracelet::
Moon Orchid bracelet by Inverted Moon
::Ring 1::
 Ring *Eyeball Monster* By Love Soul
::Ring 2::
Mr. Frankenstein Ring by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 3::
Ring Of Passion in White by Omen
::Ring 4::
Lotus Mood Ring with Hyper Gems by JCNY
Hard Candy Face Purse [Zombie] by Yumyums
Bear Oven With Witch Doll in Purple by Katat0nik


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ambrosia's treats to save you from my foul tricks!


Ok well really life tricked me and I ended up treating myself to fun with friends on SL and then gaming with lovebug until... 6am? So I didn't get to finishing this yesterday.

I also felt like crap so WHY I gamed until 6am I'll -never- know.

Today's look is made from prized found in the Ambrosia hunt. Cute Witch dress is really what I would consider a cute witch to look like, so here's a look that's both costumey -and- just cute for Halloween!

I'd like to ramble and rant more about this because we -all- know how much I love not only Ambrosia, but also my Halloween looks. However, SAKA, is coming to visit and stay with me for a few days, so I'm keeping this quick because I need to clean the room she'll be staying in! O: Things found on me today are at the Tricky Treats Gacha Village, Horror Fest, and in between! But make sure you give those two a look before they're GONE GONE GOOONE.

Also the Enchantment fair starts toooday! O: I haven't gone yet and might not be able to but Half Deer has a gorgeeeooouuusss hair pin there!


Body Stuffs;
Quirky in Brown 8 by Elicktria

Clothing Stuffs;
Cute Witch Dress by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
(Comes with collar!)
Cute Witch Hat by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
Pumpkin Stockings by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
Coven Witch Boots by Chloe Designs

Extras && Accessories;
Boo in Reglisse by Aisling
Lutecia in Black by Air !!RMK Hunt Prize!!!
::Bow Necklace::
My Little Bow Necklace in Sun by Pekka
Shoulder Batty Plush in Ash by Silent Sparrow !!Horror Fest!!!
Plushie Ghost in Yellow by Bebe Buttons !!Tricky Treats Gacha Village!!!
::Black Bands::
Elastic Bands by Zombie Suicide
::With Hat Ring::
Little With Hat Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!
::Bat Ring::
Batty Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!
::Pixel Bat::
Halloween Pixel Bracelet Batty by Kawaii !!Tricky Treats!!!
Nada Watch #3 Candy Orange by Katat0nik
Girly Bracelet in Sunny by YumYums
Wired Web in Onyx & Bone by YumYums !!Horror Fest!!!
::Bow Ring::
Bow Ring in Sun by Pekka
::Ghost Ring::
Little Ghost Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!

ANNNDDD I think that's it.


Friday, October 25, 2013

CoaB 9 Halloween Fun!

I made you wait a long time this week, didn't I? I mean, technically it's FRIDAAY. You're not getting skimped on a post though, I just had a lot to do today so I'm a little late.

It's CoaB time looooves!

I know I've been going on and on about it, and it's probably somewhat annoying, but I am NOT going to shut up! The dress I'm sporting today is -another- prize from the RMK SIM Halloween Hunt. Little did I know when I was showing off prizes that I missed the adorable skirt that went with this one. It makes me so happy.

A lot of people think Halloween is all black and orange and MAN does it get boring. This look is for those of you who like to cute and color it up even during the spooky season! One of my favorite things about this is that the dress comes with appliers for mesh boobs and can be worn as a sexy and clingy glittery strapless dress that's perfect for club or more mature looks or can be worn with this prim skirt on top of it that is fun and cute and colorful!

Body Stuffs;
Goldfish in Chocolate by Rosy Mood
::Leg tattoos::
Tights BATS by Azalea

Clothing Stuffs;
Samtha by Chocolate Altellier (RMK Hunt Prize!)
Stockings Classica in Transparent Black by WRstudios
Zombie Shoes by Silly Spoiled Whore

Extras && Accessories;
Prize by Half Deer in the RMK Halloween Hunt
::Hair Bow::
Candy Bows in Black by LaViere
Goucci Nouveau by Herve Fenzo (Hair Fair gift)
Star Necklace by SaDLBaRi Designs
::Bracelets 1::
Ethnic Bangles by Bird Next Door
::Bracelets 2::
Babe bracelets in silver by TC
::Ring 1::
Pastel Rose ring by "R"
::Ring 2::
Gothica Handring Cuff by Bubblez Design
It will rain by Witches & Rats

No more treats tonight, loves.

MUAH! <3

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Costume 'Alice Ghost' by Dimbula Rose

Following up with our first Halloween look is a release from Dimbula Rose!

The name of this dress gave me the idea to make an 'Alice' type costume for myself using it. I'm torn on my idea of costumes, y'know? Part of me thinks they should be totally different from the way you look! At the same time some things can't be replicated properly so I like to keep myself well.. myself.

For this I lolita'd the strapless dress by adding a blouse from Violent Seduction. I'm soo loving those blouses still hnnggg. <3 I decided to keep my own hair color and went with a style I found at the Wizzarding Fair by Monso which I felt held the maturity that seems to be forced on Alice in any and every rendition of the story I've seen/heard about so far. O:

I really love the little details in this dress. The skulls on the back bows, the frills on the front apron type part... it's really well done and makes me wish Dimbula Rose would make clothing more often because I really enjoy their stuff.

Body Stuffs;
Khaleesy in Light Browns by Monso

Clothing stuffs;
Alice's Summer dress in Ghost by Dimbula Rose
(Hair bow included!)
The Lolita Blouse in Cream by Violent Seduction
Torn Tights in Black by Rotten Toe
Doll Ankle Boots in Cream by Lassitude & Ennui

Extras && Accessories;
::Neck Bow::
The Lolita Blouses' Rigged Mesh Bow in Black by Violent Seduction
Raven Mourning Locket in Black by Goth1c0
::Bracelet 1::
Selva Oscura Bracelet by Kosh
::Bracelet 2::
Emo Punk Bracelets in 4 by Scarpunk
::Rings 1::
Raus Rings Dx by Scrub
::Ring 2::
Mesh Passion Ring 2 by Pheobe


... thought I was done? TRICKED YOOOU~

Here's a treat!

A lot less dressed than my usual looks, but this shirt is so comfortable and cute and the panties are adorable! I love the little pumpkin on the tongue and the halloween bubble tea, too!! All of the mentioned items are gifts from Witches and Rats Halloween hunt! The socks shown are also from there, and the piggie slippers are from Blah. So when you've gotten your tricking done for the day pick up these for a comfy relaxed looking treat!!

While you're there, their red version of these socks are ONLY 50L for TODAY. (Wednesday the 23rd!!) So get over there. MUUUAAH!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Looks; START! RMK & TSG GIFTS!

The beginning of our -awesome- bout of Halloween looks starts today!

Shown here is RMK's newest group gift. Included are the dress, neck bow, socks, and a witchie hat! I, however, traded my witchie hat in for a bow and horns that I got from their Gacha while trying to get their uniform dress. I love the skull and the roses. <333

On my FAACCEE is make-up from TSG, which is their new Group Gift and is hngg so awesome. I know it doesn't like match match but I really like it all together. I love the shade of pink and purple used in this. FFF <3 Behind me is the La Petite Fleur gift from RMK's hunt. Srsly boos, get over thhheeerrree!


Body Stuffs;
015 A in Brown by Eep!
Skelita's Make-Up by the Sugar Garden

Clothing Stuffs;
RMK Halloween Group Gift !!Gift was limited to Oct. 15th and is no longer available. <...3!!
(Comes with stockings!)
Doll shoes color-able socks by Lolle
(Tinted orange to match the roses and bow)

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair bow::
RMK Horn Gacha B_Dot !!Gacha!!
(Roses, horns, skull, and bow are all attached!)
Skull Spike bow by Gloom Industries
(Resized and attached to forearms for bracelets.)
::Bow Ring::
My Little Bow ring in Eminence by Pekka !!Gacha!!
::Cross Ring::
Silver Cross Ring Orange M by Sakide !!Gacha!!
(Re-positioned to the opposite hand and re-sized)
Halloween Prize from Ni.Ju in RMK's Halloween Hunt!
Dead Land Cross 03 from Theater Chain !!Gacha!!
::Thigh Bows::
Leg bow from the Goth Cutie Socks Orange by Witches and Rats
Papillon long by Fairy Tail
Demon Tail Drow by Trap

Are you having fun with Halloween yet? I am! <3

Sicky && Cute!

It's Mooonday~ That means I'm baaack! I'm so excited for this week because I have -awesome- stuff planned for each and every outfit. Literally -all- of them were fun to make, but that's probably because I -love- Halloween and starting tomorrow you guys are getting all Halloween looks and goodies (Mostly free!) for the rest of the time until Halloween hits and I show off my -awesome- costume!

Unfortunately, I'm still not feeling very well due to me being a terrible person and still eating gluten.

Butbut it'll stop soon because blleeeggghhh! In any case, I've been in the mood to do a comfortable and lazy look that's still cute all at the same time. You know the saying, if you make yourself look good maybe you'll feel good too. I tried for that.

I did happen to pop around a bit and shop, and look around on Flickr. I found these adorable socks by Witches & Rats and had to show them off because ffff, they're adorable! Not only are they adorable but the number one thing I want to do when I don't feel good is put on some cute socks and lounge around the house.



Body Stuffs;
Tamora in HUD 1 by Chemistry

Clothing Stuffs;
Pia Dress in Lighten by Masoom (Gotten @ Candy Fair) 
My Piggy Slippers in Violet by !Blah

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
::Hair Clip::
Rose Clip by Chemistry (Comes w/hair!)
Flip Flop earrings in Pink by Kawaii Couture
::Face goodies::
Watch out for cold by JM:Mai (Blush & Thermometer)
Spiked Collar in white by Pekka (Gotten @ Candy Fair)
Tamagotchi necklace by Rotten Toe
::Bracelets 1::
Babe Bracelets in Pink by TC
::Bracelet 2::
Way girly bracelet in Sugar by YumYums
::Bracelets 3::
Strappy Bracelet in Silver Trio by Crash Republic

Night night! <3 *Crawlsbackintobed* -___-zZzZZzzZ