Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rotten Toe && Violent Seduction harmony~

Wutwut two weekend postss!? Makes up for missing Friday, ne?

I loove these new bows from Witches & Rats, and I've been wanting to do a halloween green and purple outfit; which was a little harder to put together than I thought it would be... butbut then I found this Rotten Toe skirt with so many different purples in it that I was all, “I CAN DOO THIIIIS~”

So I did.

I also lovelovelove all the new hairs from Ploooooom. ;A; <3 She's like my favorite hair maker at the moment. Hnngg. <3


The Goods;
Body Stuffs;
Isabel in Browns by Ploom
Frankenstitches tattoo by Bubble Gum Treasure Trove

Clothing Stuffs;
Puff Puff Dress in Purple by Rotten Toe
The Lolita Blouse in Lime by Violent Seduction
Stockings color pack in green by Sysy's
Lace up Boots "Gina" in Black by G Field.

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Bat headband in Lavender by Witches & Rats
Coco in Reglisse by Aisling !!Gacha!!!
Sailor Kitty Earrings in Black by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 1::
Horror Necklace Black (Frankenstine's Monster) by Cute Poison !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Twitchy Witchy Hat necklace by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
 Halloween Pixel Bracelet Batty (Rare) by Kawaii !!Gacha!!!
::Arm Warmer & Bracelet::
Moon Orchid bracelet by Inverted Moon
::Ring 1::
 Ring *Eyeball Monster* By Love Soul
::Ring 2::
Mr. Frankenstein Ring by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 3::
Ring Of Passion in White by Omen
::Ring 4::
Lotus Mood Ring with Hyper Gems by JCNY
Hard Candy Face Purse [Zombie] by Yumyums
Bear Oven With Witch Doll in Purple by Katat0nik



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