Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ambrosia's treats to save you from my foul tricks!


Ok well really life tricked me and I ended up treating myself to fun with friends on SL and then gaming with lovebug until... 6am? So I didn't get to finishing this yesterday.

I also felt like crap so WHY I gamed until 6am I'll -never- know.

Today's look is made from prized found in the Ambrosia hunt. Cute Witch dress is really what I would consider a cute witch to look like, so here's a look that's both costumey -and- just cute for Halloween!

I'd like to ramble and rant more about this because we -all- know how much I love not only Ambrosia, but also my Halloween looks. However, SAKA, is coming to visit and stay with me for a few days, so I'm keeping this quick because I need to clean the room she'll be staying in! O: Things found on me today are at the Tricky Treats Gacha Village, Horror Fest, and in between! But make sure you give those two a look before they're GONE GONE GOOONE.

Also the Enchantment fair starts toooday! O: I haven't gone yet and might not be able to but Half Deer has a gorgeeeooouuusss hair pin there!


Body Stuffs;
Quirky in Brown 8 by Elicktria

Clothing Stuffs;
Cute Witch Dress by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
(Comes with collar!)
Cute Witch Hat by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
Pumpkin Stockings by Ambrosia !!Hunt Gift!!!
Coven Witch Boots by Chloe Designs

Extras && Accessories;
Boo in Reglisse by Aisling
Lutecia in Black by Air !!RMK Hunt Prize!!!
::Bow Necklace::
My Little Bow Necklace in Sun by Pekka
Shoulder Batty Plush in Ash by Silent Sparrow !!Horror Fest!!!
Plushie Ghost in Yellow by Bebe Buttons !!Tricky Treats Gacha Village!!!
::Black Bands::
Elastic Bands by Zombie Suicide
::With Hat Ring::
Little With Hat Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!
::Bat Ring::
Batty Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!
::Pixel Bat::
Halloween Pixel Bracelet Batty by Kawaii !!Tricky Treats!!!
Nada Watch #3 Candy Orange by Katat0nik
Girly Bracelet in Sunny by YumYums
Wired Web in Onyx & Bone by YumYums !!Horror Fest!!!
::Bow Ring::
Bow Ring in Sun by Pekka
::Ghost Ring::
Little Ghost Ring by Noodles !!Tricky Treats!!!

ANNNDDD I think that's it.



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