Sunday, October 13, 2013

Katat0nik's Berry Cute!

The weekend was a little harder on me than I thought, but I had this outfit all planned out and ready to be shown on Friidaaay.


I have more to show than I have thoughts, and that's saying a lot coming from a hyper vigilant anxiety sufferer. XD! There is SO much going on this month. The Oh My Gacha event, the Wizzarding Fair, the candy fair, all the halloween events and hunts AND the Body Mod Expo (Which just started the 11th!)

All of which I've spent lindens on, so I'm super broke. ;AAAAA;

In order to cheer myself up I decided to go with something fun and cute, especially because the coming of Halloween makes me super happy!

Dimbula Rose has opened their Halloween carnival and put all their old halloween clothes for sale with dresses I've never seen before. (I'm pretty new though, so if they're old I wouldn't know! O:) I'm not wearing anything from there yet because I plan to do a week of Halloween looks as we creep closer to Halloween and finishing it off with my own SL Halloween costume, but I went to play at the carnival. It's super fun and there is a trampoline!

So about the looook~ Some pay group make it so you -really- get your money's worth when you join them by giving out special group gifts and lucky boards. Katat0nik is one of these stores. I've loved the Berry dresses on her LB for so long, and I have a bunch of them. <3 They make me so happy with their bright colors, cute little strawberrys and strawberry seed deign that makes me feel as cute and delicious as Strawberries themselves! I also really love this hair, by Rosy Mood, which is a smaller hair shop from what I've seen but the chocolatey color of the hair is hnnggg. <3

Enough of my rambling though, hm? If you wants this stuff my rambling won't make it happen any faster!


Body Stuffs;
Godfish in Chocolate by Rosy Mood

Clothing Stuffs;
Very Berry dress in Cornflower by Katat0nik
(Socks included in dress!)
((Group LB!!))
Simple transparent white stockings.
Aya Mesh Wedges in Candy Blue by Katat0nik

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Hair Bow CGG in Pink By Love Soul
(Past Group Gift!)
Floral Glasses in Pink By Katat0nik
(Group Gift!)
Rose Pierce in Strawberry Ice by Ambrosia !!Gacha!!
[W] Bow Tie Collar in Pink by Ambrosia !!Gacha!!
::Necklace 1::
Sweet Hearts Necklace Innocence by Violet Voltaire
::Necklace 2::
Pretty Lady Skull Necklace in Baby Baby by Whippet & Buck
Ribbons & Pearls Bracelet in Baby Baby & Plastic Pink by Whippet & Buck
Flair nail appliers for Slink hands (Same one as listed last time by Flair!)
Simple Jewel Anklet & Bracelet Gift by Sakura Koubou

I thinkies that's it. o3o <3


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