Wednesday, October 9, 2013

COaB 7; Candy Fair 1!

FFFF, so the time I love most started EARLY this week. I had a GI appointment today and a friend is supposed to be coming in this weekend so lovebug took leave for the rest of the weeeeeeek. :'D I'm like the happiest thing ever.

However, I already planned out outfits for ALL WEEK, so you guys still get posts until Friday! We're all so lucky this week. ;A; (lololbecauseI'msovainyou'reluckytogetpostsfrommeomgshootme)

It's CoaB time again~ This time I used a dress and an item I got from the Candy Faaaiir! I'm going to do a more in depth and gifty part to this next week with brighter colors because there are a lot of dollarbie gifts at the Candy Fair! This dress though, omg. It's from OrsiniRed and is the gift they're offering. Not only is it in delicious colors that remind me of chocolate, caramel, and candied apples, but it's really pretty all in all. I really love the mature look of the dress and the shape. I can wear the M without an alpha, which is rare since my av's boobs normally stick out of anything under a L even though the L is too big everywhere else! O:

Shorties for the rest of the week though so I have more time with lovebug!
As usual everything aside from the skin, hair, and add ons to the skin (Make-up/lashes) are cheap/free! <3


Body Stuffs;
Athena in Brown by !OhMai

Clothing Stuffs;
Brownie Mesh Dress by OrsiniRed !!Gift @ Candy Fair!!!
Autumn Tights in Yellow by Kyoko Couture
Knit Boots in Brown by Koko 

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
::Cotton Candy::
Cotton Candy Gift by .Birdy. !! Gift @ Candy Fair!!!
::Accessory Set::
Teardrop Jewelry Set in Gold by Beloved Jewelry 
BrazW in gold by Pheobe's 
::Lip Gloss::
Plum Lip Gloss Small by Pink Acid's 12 lip gloss pack. A dollarbie alternative, although not as nice looking, can be found HERE~


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