Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chobii's Derping in Envious!

I got this outfit done, got all the photos edited and stuck together, and even started the list of the goods on this outfit yesterday.

..and then derp'd and forgot the laundry, forgot to eat, AND forgot to blog it. XD Sorry loveloves.

Anyway I needed a break from the fall spazzing my brain has been doing, and because Fall makes me think of Spring, I decided to wear Envious' Spring Princess which was gifted to me by a friend while I was drooling over it in the Envious main store.

Initially I wanted it because it had tango appliers and I recently got lush bewbiessss. <3 Unfortunately in order to make the applier work I have to tilt the boobs back so much the nipples point to the ceiling. In the end, it doesn't look bad, but it has a look of wearing a -super- push up bra while in a strapless dress, which makes no sense to me. I was going to just say eff it and keep it the way it was because it does look cute even if I dislike the shape of the boobs the way I need to tilt them, but SL hasn't been liking to save things how I tilt them and stuff... so after I get on a pose stand and then get off or if I sit on something and get up the boobs revert back to their original position and the applier doesn't work with them in that position. <..3 Since it's made for the shape of tangos though, all you in tangos should have no problems! Lushies, let's hope your SL isn't derping as bad as mine. When it all came down to it, I decided to use this cute little unicorn from A+A which was also a gift and it would have covered the boobs ANYWAY so I forwent the pertty mesh bewbies for a cutie plushie!

The Goodie Goods;

Body Stuffs;
Browns pack with part Royal
Skin is back to being Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel (AND HNNG I FEEL SO AT HOME IN IT. <3) Eyes are the same as always as are lashes, hands are the same and feet are Slink's bare women's feet (flat $650L) which are listed in previous entriess. <3

Clothing Stuffs;
Spring Princess
Blue with dots, from the included HUD
Dress comes with wings, arm bands, and bracelets. (Also comes with boots but I forewent them for flip flops. x3 Finger tape & Bandana included that I did not use. )

::Flip Flops::
Regular Flip Flops w/ Bows!
Black Polka Dot (Copy/Mod ver.)
Kawaii Couture
 (No LM until the sim is reopened for Halloween, sorry. ;A;)

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
::Hair Bows::
Kawaii Bows
Bunny White

Regal Accessory Set Crown (Gacha item!)
Light Blue & Silver
$35L a play

Virgo Unicorn (Gacha Prize)
50L a play

Inc's Neko Collar of Doom
Two Cats (Or Lemon Tea)

Key to my heart
Blue Fabric
Rotten Toe

Oriental Summer
Tattoo layer
Old group gift

Ribbons and Pearls Bracelet
Baby Baby (Tinted a bit to better match the outfit)
Repositioned to the ankle

Rose Garter Ring (Gacha)
White Symphony
$30L a play

Lotus Mood Ring

::Nail Polish::
Set 3
Second color



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