Monday, October 7, 2013

The Sugar Garden & Ambrosia loveloves.

Now we all know my favorite fashion in Second Life, and in general, is Lolita... but somehow the shops in second life that end up my favorite are ones that offer not only cute dresses that can be made lolita but also offer clothing that is cute in general without fitting into the Lolita Fashion Guidelines.

One of these shops is Ambrosia, and man oh man could I post for over a week straight showing ONLY Ambrosia looks, but that would get boring for everyone else since I'm sure after one look there we'd all be able to do the same!

Closer to Halloween I'll be showing you more of Sherry from Ambrosia's looks because she does an event for nearly every holiday! Her Anni and the Halloween event were the only ones I was able to hit this year so far, but being a part of her group is totally worth it at a new dress a month via a group gift Lucky Board and at LEAST bi-annual hunts (which are fun and totally not impossible! I hate impossible hunts!)

On another note, The Sugar Garden has stolen my heart with their Luminate Eyes. These look really close to my real life eyes in color and hold the unreal glossy shine that I love so much about the eyes I'd been wearing. At only 100L a color, I thought they were -super- worth it.

The Goods~
Body Stuffs;
Luminate in Hazel by The Sugar Garden 
Reflect [01] by Magika

Clothing Stuffs;
Cute Ruffle Rose in Purple by Ambrosia
Rose Lace Tights in White by G Field
Druna Boots in Black by Bowtique 

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
Pearl Rose Pierce in Pink by Ambrosia (Gacha!)
Pearl Bow Choker with Lilac pearls by Fairy Tail
Pearl Rose Choker in Pink by Ambrosia (Gacha!)
Babe Bracelets in Silver by *TC* 

The rest you know so use labels to find LMs or search SL! :'D <3


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