Monday, October 14, 2013

COaB 8; Candy Fair Part 2!

I usually don't like to start the week off with a CoaB. How am I going to keep you guys coming back if I put it out so early? D;

Jkjk, normally I totally forget about it until I find a bunch of free stuff I want to play with, which is what I'd been holding on to since last week's. There was just too much free stuff at the Candy Fair to throw everything in to one look, even now there's items I haven't used! However, there are only 4 more days to indulge in the sweetness of the candy fair, so I put together a more fun look for those of you who weren't into the sophisticated look from last week. :'D

Another reason I wanted to get this out of the way early is because RMK's Halloween Event began today and not only is it super fun, but it also takes a decent amount of work if you're derpy like me. In all my derp glory, I don't want to forget to post so I'm doing it before I allow myself to have the fun funs!

With time running out, I'ma be short! (So I can play too. xP)


Body Stuffs;

Emiko in Browns 02 by Taketomi (Gacha located here for 50L a play! Which is cheap for hair!)
Party Fun Lips Smaller by Pink Acid !!C.F Gift!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Candy Shirt by NS !!C.F Gift!!!
Jeans Watermelon by Imp Tail
Gatito Rojo Bailarina by MDL

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
Cupcakes on head, mouthie, and cupcake necklace all C.F gifts from Una
::Smores headband::
Smoreslicious headband by Luckie !!C.F Gift!!!
Ichigo Earrings by Hi Calo (Maybe?)
Jeweled Ghost Necklace by Pheobe !!C.F. Gift!!!
::Bracelet 1::
Babe Bracelet by Fashion Fears !!C.F Gift!!!
::Bracelet 2::
Donut Bracelets by NoRe
::Ring 1::
Jeweled Ghost Ring by Pheobe !!C.F. Gift!!!
::Other Rings::
Sweet Rings by Axix !!C.F. Gift!!!
Choco Glasses by Dimbula Rose
::Cotton Candy::
Cotton Candy Gift {Strawberry} by Birdy !!C.F. Gift!!!
Taste The Rainbow Gamer Clutch by Crash Republic !!C.F Gift!!!


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