Thursday, October 17, 2013

Man that event really took more time than I thought, but honestly all the prizes are totally worth it from what I've seen so far... O:!!

Sorry for the delay in posts, lovies, and hello everyone coming to see my blog from me finding recipe finder! <3

October has a TON of events going on. Candy fair ends TOMORROW, so I hope you all took my advice and at least went and stocked up on the freebies/dollarbies out!! If not, don't fret, there are other fun things to take your attention! Last week before the Hunt began the Body Modification Expo opened, which is an event all about accessories and body modification! (Duh, right?) I have been hugely lacking on decent accessories since I freebie shop so much, so I splurged a little. At the same time Violent Seduction (and you all know how much I love that store!) released two dresses that are on a limited sale for Halloween. After Halloween these will be going back up to regular price, so pop on down to RMK to do the event and snatch them up along with her limited color of lavender that will be gone forever after the event (and is FREEE) while you still can. The price for the one I'm showing off today which is Nosferatsu is only 300L until after Halloween! I've paired it with one of her Lolita Blouses but alone it has a little bit of cleavage for those of you who are looking for a beautiful and sexy look over a complete lolita look like I was going for.

I went a little over the top with showing off accessories with this one because of the Body Mod Expo (BME) having so many, but my favorite part of the look is the amazing texturing and detailing in the skirt. It's... breath taking.

This look was a fun one for me. I got to use one of Pink Fuel's make-up option for the Elly Skin pack that I wear that I've never been able to use before, and I got one of Pink Acid's lip sticks from the BME and used that over using one of my usual doll glosses. It's much darker than things I normally wear, but this is the kind of Gothic lolita I would be after if I did gothic looks more. <3

I really like all the details in the accessories, they are all really well done so I did a bunch of close ups so you can all see the awesomeness! I'm a bad event person, and I blog all of these out of my own pocket and interest because it's fun, so I currently have NO idea when the BME ends, but I'll look into it and get back to you all! For now, get over there and check it out so you can pick up...


Brandy in Browns by Ploom !!Available @ BME!! 
Gothic Lip Small in Berry by Pink Acid !!Exclusive @ BME!!

Nails again are from the Flair pack mentioned in two previous posts

Clothing Stuffs;
Nosferatsu in Coagulate by Violent Seduction !!Limited Sale Price @ VS!!
The Lolita Blouse in Black by Violent Seduction
Rape Tights by AKA
Kate in Plum by G Field !!Previous Group Gift!!

Extra Stuff && Accessories;
::Crown & Scepter::
Regal Accessory Set Crown & Scepter in Magenta/Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!
::Chain Wings & Head Wings::
Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings & Winged Succubus Horns in Hot Pink by Epic !!Gacha!!
::Eye Patch::
Bandage Patch F by The Forge !!Available @ We<3RP Event for FREE!!
::Earrings & Long Necklace::
Winged Multi Earring & Winged Charm Necklace by :Fusion: !!Available @ BME!!
::Shorter Necklaces::
Sacrifice Necklace by [:S&V:] !!Free@Bme!!
::Chain Bracelet::
Multi Chained Bracelet R in Silver by Fusion !!Available @ BME!!
::Spiked Bracelet::
Spiked Bracelet in Darkness by Omen !!Available @ BME!!
::White Heart Ring::
Ring of Passion in White by Omen !!Available @ BME!!
::Black Heart Ring::
Melt My Heart in Black by AUX !!Available @ BME!!
::Cross Ring::
Silver Cross Ring Black F by Sakide !!Available @ BME!!
::Hair Bow::
Bow Headband in Black by Room Of Amo

Oh wow, I think that's all of it! <3 Now get out there and have fun!


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