Friday, October 25, 2013

CoaB 9 Halloween Fun!

I made you wait a long time this week, didn't I? I mean, technically it's FRIDAAY. You're not getting skimped on a post though, I just had a lot to do today so I'm a little late.

It's CoaB time looooves!

I know I've been going on and on about it, and it's probably somewhat annoying, but I am NOT going to shut up! The dress I'm sporting today is -another- prize from the RMK SIM Halloween Hunt. Little did I know when I was showing off prizes that I missed the adorable skirt that went with this one. It makes me so happy.

A lot of people think Halloween is all black and orange and MAN does it get boring. This look is for those of you who like to cute and color it up even during the spooky season! One of my favorite things about this is that the dress comes with appliers for mesh boobs and can be worn as a sexy and clingy glittery strapless dress that's perfect for club or more mature looks or can be worn with this prim skirt on top of it that is fun and cute and colorful!

Body Stuffs;
Goldfish in Chocolate by Rosy Mood
::Leg tattoos::
Tights BATS by Azalea

Clothing Stuffs;
Samtha by Chocolate Altellier (RMK Hunt Prize!)
Stockings Classica in Transparent Black by WRstudios
Zombie Shoes by Silly Spoiled Whore

Extras && Accessories;
Prize by Half Deer in the RMK Halloween Hunt
::Hair Bow::
Candy Bows in Black by LaViere
Goucci Nouveau by Herve Fenzo (Hair Fair gift)
Star Necklace by SaDLBaRi Designs
::Bracelets 1::
Ethnic Bangles by Bird Next Door
::Bracelets 2::
Babe bracelets in silver by TC
::Ring 1::
Pastel Rose ring by "R"
::Ring 2::
Gothica Handring Cuff by Bubblez Design
It will rain by Witches & Rats

No more treats tonight, loves.

MUAH! <3


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