Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two things I love lots...

Today's a pretty crappy day for me, loveloves. I decided to show off a dress that I love and that you've seen before but redone using the RMK Gift version which is -completely- free. I'm also going to tell you something about myself that has to do with today.

So first, about me (Because I know the clothes are what you REALLY want)
Today is the 3 year anni of my bbydoll and biggest love's death. She was like a daughter to me, even though she was just a cat, and it's a day that's really hard on me every year. This little thing followed me around the house like we were two parts to one whole. Slept in my arms like a baby, laid on my shoulders when I was more active than she wanted to keep up with, and slept atop my computer monitor when I was on the computer and typing too much for her to sit in my lap. She was inbred and I saved her from a cat hoarder who ruined both of our lives because it was my father. She was my reason to wake up every day despite my growing mental illnesses, and was the strength that kept me leaving the house and going to work like a normal person for the entirety of our time together. Since her passing I have basically become full agoraphobic and my social anxiety is to the point I panic the moment I see people. Every year at this time I can't help but falling into a depression low enough that I sleep all day because it's really hard continuing on without her.

I keep all her happy memories in me though, because our time together was magical.

Speaking of magical


This look was really fun for me. It's my, 'lol I'm in a costume' look because it's something I'd wear normally minus the tail, horns, fangs, and striped socks; all of which are pretty much staple 'costumes' for people irl. It's for those people who just put on devil horns and are all, “Haha I'm a devil for Halloween. 8D”

Haha, I'm a cutie monster for Halloween!

The Goodies;
Body Stuffs;
Noemi in Light Browns by Truth
Vampire Teeth by Shine
Lamb in Nuage by Aisling
Upright Demon Tail in Matte White by Lemon Tea

Clothing Stuffs;
Nosferatu in Lavender by Violent Seduction
Blanc Cirque Noir Stockings by Schadenfreude
Baby Ankle Socks in Lavender by Honey Kitty
The Lolita Blouse in Mint by Violent Seduction
Ribbon Slingback Shoes in Ice Green by G Field

Extras && Accessories;
::Crown & Scepter::
The Regal Accessory set in Black and Silver by Violent Seduction !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Bows::
The Lolita Blouse, unrigged Mesh Bow in Light Purple & Mint by Violent Seduction
Black Hoop Earrings Spiderweb by Grumble !!Gacha!!!
Chained up cross necklace in silver by Fusion
::Wrist Cuffs::
Lolita Crown Cuffs in Black by Ezura
::Ring 1::
Daisy Ring 009 by A:B
::Ring 2::
Silver Cranium ring in Green by Sakide
::Mouth blood::
Bloody Lips by Redrum
::Lip Gloss::
Duck Lips in Coal by Pink Acid
::Ankle Bows::
Bow Bound in Sombre by Candy Mountain



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