Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kyoko Couture & The Sugar Garden make me so happy I CRYYYY


Sick of Halloween looks yet?

I hope not, I still have a bunch more to show you! ;A;

Today's is based around a gift from Kyoko Couture, a store I've been a group member of since I joined SL. <3 It's paired with the -AMAZING- new shoes from The Sugar Garden, which were at Perfect Wardrobe in a Halloween edition.

I hate, hate, hate, spiders..

...but I had to have these so much I bought SLINK FEET just to wear them. They're so gorg. <3

The cute little bat lights behind me are from a Gacha at the Tricky Treats Gacha Village! Go check that place out, just make sure you pay attention to what clothes are for TD avs! I have so many looks set up for this week... I hope I have the time to get them all in before Halloween! ;A;

Short-n-sweet just like me! :'D

Body Stuffs;
Plume in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
KC M* No. 1 [HHG'13] by Kyoko Couture
Gothic Lace Suspender Tights by Cannibelle
Lolita Platforms *Spooky* in Black by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Sprinkles::
Autumn Hair Sprinkles by S&B !!Gacha!!!
::Hair Band::
Batty Head Band in Hallows Eve by Forever Young
Hammer in head by Backwoods Mafia !!Gacha!!!
::Running Make-up::
Why so Sad Tattoo by Rotten Toe
::Eye Make-up color::
Soft Smoke Eye Make-Up in Soft Gold by Glamorize
::Eye Liner::
Star Struckeyeliner by Beautiful Delux
Sticky Kiss Gloss in Black Night by Beauty Killer
Skull Spiked Bow by Gloom Industries
Batelina Necklace Common (Black) by The Forge !!Gacha!!!
::Med Necklace::
Marshmallow Frosting Necklace by Catwa 
::Long Necklace::
Skeleton Hands Necklace F by Death Row Designs
::Pet friend!::
TOD Plushie in Carrot by Birdy !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelets 1::
Halloween Bracelets by NaTaS
::Bracelets 2::
Magic Pumpkins Bracelet by Pixel Box
::Ring 1::
Creepy Cabochon Ring Monster by TLB !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
"Fright Night" Macabre Ring - Face of Damien (Scared) by CIRCA !!Gacha!!!
Marshmallow Frosting Anklets by Catwa

I thinks I got it all! Off to count how many treats I have left for you!


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