Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Katat0nik's the pumpkin of my pie.


I finally got to play with my friends in dresses! This adorable little thing in the middle is my cuteness Lili, and she inspires me -so- much. She brightens my every day and is just the cutest thing! She does a more erokawaii (sexycute) type mix of outfits, to give her bloggie a lookie? (YOUS ALREADY KNOW SAKA. xD <3)

Since I have no idea what time it is when you're reading this. Anyone else go totally crazy over Katat0nik's newest release? I sure did. :x She's been one of my favorite designers since I joined SL, and MAAAN do I want to fatpack this at some point if I can afforddd itt. <3 DONATE TO THE CHOBII FUND? Lololol! Jkjk, I have an awesome friend Devilotte who gave me the L I needed to get this dress and one of the colors of the dress's main form. With the spirit of Halloween, I put aside the awesome look I was going to show you today and decided to show this off. This dress is limited for Halloween, from what I'm understanding; so go pick it up!

I've been doing a lot of Ploom's hairs, I know, but I totally love them. ;A; I swear you'll see more variety soon! More goodies from the Horror Fest and other events shown here, though only in accessories. Kat's dress is at her main store, so go go go!

The Goods (So you can get to shopping!)

Body Stuffs;
Squrrel in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
Choco dress in Halloween by Katat0nik
Autumn Tights in Yellow by Kyoko Couture
Choco socks in Halloween Heart 2 by Katat0nik
Strap Shoes "Alex" in Brick by G Field

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Orange Spideweb Bow by Amame Kids !!Gacha!!!
Creepy Dolls Headband in Pumpkin by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
::Mini Pumpkin::
Painted Pumpkin in Boo by Half Deer
::Lip Heart::
Make-up Red Heart Lips by Damned
Vampire teeth by Shine
::Necklace 1::
My cute Vampaia Necklace in Peach by Blah
::Necklace 2::
Key to my heart in Chic fabric 1 by Rotten Toe
::Necklace 3::
Doll Mourning Locket in Orange by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
Skullobs Earrings by Swagger
Elforn by Panda Express
::Ring 1::
Little Ghost Ring by Noodles !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelet 1::
Cookie Sweet Bracelet in Vanilla Cream by Honey Kitty
::Ring 2::
Hello Bow Ring in Orange by Candy Doll
::Bracelet 2::
Strappy Bracelet in Brown by Crash Republic !!Gacha!!!
Black Lace Slink Applier by D!va
Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings in orange by Epic !!Gacha!!!
Devil Tail by Medusa Neko



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