Friday, May 19, 2017

Never part of any crowd...

...'Cause my heads always in some clouds!
Genre is Sci-fi! I love Sci-fi! I got some goodies from the round with some urban d├ęcor by Melon Bunny that's somewhat older so check the mainstore for it but still bomb as the day it was released aww yee. Love the details in all of this gorgeousness, guys. On me I have goodies from Genre, previous rounds too, and Zombie Suicide from a few events as well as some other goodies by Cubic Cherry and a hair from hairology that I honestly was unsure of until I put it on my head so give them a demo because they're cuter than I initially thought on my own!! <3 <3


Body Stuffs;

Madyson in Mixedtype by DeeTaleZ
Dragon Eye by Zombie Suicide !!! New @ Crossroads!!!
Hourglass by Slink
Hands by Slink
(Nails by .Figure. !!Gacha!!)
Feet by Slink
Catya by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Telke B in Browns by TKW !!New @ Hairology!!!
Stretched Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Jezebel Dress in Onyx by The Annex
Monster Stawmpers by (*<*) 1313
Cheap Frills Panties in Fluffy Black by Fawn's Demise

Extras && Accessories;

::Chest Piece::
Avatar Reboot Switch by .:ZcZ:. !!New @ Genre!!!

OK SO THIS NEEDS A LITTLE LINE ABOUT IT. It actually resets your avatar which is pretty cute. Whether it's just an animation and words or like anything else I'm not really sure but there's a color change HUD to match your outfits and a cute animation, perfect for our android Rpers! It's also UNRIGGED so it WILL WORK for Kemono and other avatars. :*'

Ba'al Bindi in Black by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Gacha @ memento Mori!!!
Baby Horns in BlackPink2 by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Gacha @ Gacha garden!!!
Magical Horns by Zombie Suicide !!New @ The Coven!!
Sparkle Blush by Zombie Suicide
Sunlight Arrow Head Earrings in Black by Pink Acid !!Gacha!!!
Diamond Nose & Dimples by Punch
::Make-up Decor in HAIR and Mouth & hand::
Golden pastel Make-up Palette Hold by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!
Unicorn Horn Make-up Brush 2-4 by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!
Crucia Collar in Black by Cubic Cherry !!New @ Dark Style Fair!!!


[Cubic Cherry] {Bloom} pouf black
[Cubic Cherry] {Bloom} pouf white
{MelonBunny} Star Pillow !!Gacha!!
{MelonBunny} Ramen Bowl #2 !!Gacha!!
{MelonBunny} Stop Sign (Japanese) !!Gacha!!
{MelonBunny} Street Signs !!Gacha!!
{MelonBunny} Stop Sign /w Zombie Pole !!Gacha!!
Pink Acid Creepy Dead Lawn Flamingo - Inverted Grunge !!Gacha!!
Pink Acid Squirrel Empty Hands Brown !!Gacha!!
Pink Acid Creepy Dead Lawn Flamingo - Black Grunge RARE !!Gacha!!
{what next} Novelle Rug
[CIRCA] - :KRYON: Long Curve Table – Black
.: ZcZ :. Vutuda Orchidaceae 4 !!New @ Genre!!
[CIRCA] - :KRYON: Curve Lounger - Colours (18 pos)
[CIRCA] - :KRYON: Claw Pendant Light – Black
Alouette - Paper Chains – Window !!Gacha!!
floorplan. arched window

ALEGRIA Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (10x10)

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hey cuties, nice to see you again! Today I have on a cute set I found from Le Fil Casse. I really love the little tail meshed up the back, it's super cute! Since I like to be more modest I covered it with some cute shorts from Paper Arrow and a cardigan from Pixicat~ Accessories are from Epic @ The Chapter 4 and Kataonik as well as Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations, Black Bantam, and Alaskametro.

Another newbie for me is this beautifully tanned skin, named Lily Rose by Pink Acid. It was available @ Cosmetics' fair and will be in mainstore soon. Images were taken on low graphivcs, sorry guys, I was sick and didn't want to re-take them. I think all the details are pretty enough, no? Stage behing me is also a gacha garden item which is where this cutie suit is from, I believe! Have fun shopping and see you soon! :*


Body Stuffs;

Lily Rose in Mocha2 by Pink Acid W/ Lipgloss
Galaxy V2 eyes in Green and Purple by Zombie Suicide
Hourglass by Slink
Hands by Slink
(Nails by Alaskametro)
Feet by Slink
Catya by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Paige Mesh hair in Browns by Wasabi Pills
Stretched Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Everly Kitty Tail Bodysuit in Seafoam by Le Fil Casse !!Gacha!!!
Pj shorts in dots by Paper.Arrow
Calm.Cardigan in Pink by Pixicat
Everly Stockings in Seafoam by Le Fil Casse !!Gacha!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Ruffle Kitty Ears in Lights by Katat0nik
Kawaii Kitty Tiara in Ice by Epic !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
DeeTalez Mesh Freckles Layer
Pearl and Silver Lock Choker by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
Lala Glasses by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Luv Jewel by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations

Hirueth Eyelashes by OkkBye !!New on MP!!