Monday, December 19, 2016

Jammie Sessh~

So I know I said I’d be coming back here and there between times of things catching my eyes, so I hope you guys were wanting to hear from me now with the release of Bento finally having gone live for both SL and Firestorm! I have a Catwa Catya head, and the Vista Bento hands, and my friend Saigey and I twinned it up in similar shapes and outfits to show you guys some cute things in the grid right now along with the new Bento us! :3

Bento is exciting for Tanoshi as well because we’ve been waiting for it to release a few things we’ve been working on! :3 We hope this helps creativity abound and fun soar! Speaking of creativity abound, Epic released some cuuuute booties and horns last weekend and we used a bunch of those with this decor from Genre’s Disco round (Which is over, I’m late I’m sorry but check out mainstores for these items!) for a jam session type look and feels because I’ve been listening to a lot of music while working out. :3 9lbs to go before I reach goal number 1 which I wanted to reach by the first! I hope everyone’s happy and healthy, and getting through the holiday season well.

Happy Bento explorations, all!


Body Stuffs;

Madyson Catwa Applier in Mixed Tone by DeeTalez
Sorrow Eyes in Lilac & Green by Dead Apples
Hourglass by Slink
Feet by Slink as well
Bento hands by Vista !!On Sale @ Cosmo!!!
Catya by Catwa
Personal Shape by me
Deidre in Browns by Wasabi Pills !!New @ C88!!!
Mesh Sylph Ears Plain by Epic
Clothing Stuffs;
::Body Suit::
Lovely.Winter.Bodysuit in Hot Pink & Mocha by Epic (Mixed and matched to match the boots!)
Sweet.Ram.Booties in Hot Pink by Epic
Sweet Bow Bodysuit in Baby Pink by Epic & Sweet Ram Booties in Baby Pink by Epic~ For accessory detales messages (saige.neruda)

Extras && Accessories;

Bolt Necklace by Zombie Suicide
Anti-harmie Charmie by Tanoshi
Galactic Moon Earrings in Silver by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
Sugar Piercing in White by Zombie Suicide
Spiked Dimple Piercings by Punch
Spider Bites by Punch
Sweet.Ram.Horns in Hot Pink by Epic
Chained V. 1 by Zombie Suiide

Wooden Antique Angel Chair in White Velvet by Black Bantam
*Epic VIP* Kowai.Kawaii Backpack! {Hot.Pink}RS !!VIP GROUP GIFT!!!
[Black Bantam] Chains Of Flowers
[CIRCA] - "Cthulhu in the Sea" Vintage Books Decor
[CIRCA] - "Disco Club'n" Chrome Table - Tall - Neon Indigo
*Epic* So.Sad Acoustic Space.Guitar! {T.C}[Backpack]RS
01{Sweety} couch .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE !!Gacha!!
10{Sweety} candy sign lilac.::Cubic Cherry::. !!Gacha!!!
[-AS-] Sigil of the Old Floragod
*Epic* Kawaii Learnin' How To Fly Broom! [Low.Script] RS -ADD- (PART OF HALLOWEEN SET!)
[CIRCA] - "Disco Club'n" Retro U Chair - Mutli P/O/G (32 pos)
+XAnSA+ 70s Disco - Wallpanel 4x4 - 3LI
Little Llama - Disco Wall 5x5 - Purple
Anachron - Advanced Lighting Mirror Ball
Anachron - Mirror Ball Floor (Round)
+XAnSA+ 70s Disco - Rug
[CIRCA] - "Disco Club'n" Chrome Table - Wide - Neon Pink
[CIRCA] - "Disco Club'n" Drink Shaker & Cocktail (giver)
[noctis] vintage Lovecraft comics #2
+XAnSA+ 70s Disco - Divider
05{Sweety} lollipop lamp white.::Cubic Cherry::. !!GAcha!!!


The Greys Alien Kitty Galactic White Male RARE by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
*Epic* Sweet.Beagle.Baby! {Baby.Pink}[Hold]RS-RARE !!Gacha!!
*Epic* [WOH2] Frosty.Pengu Huggie! [Click.To.Resize]-Wear-
[BB] Newborn Panda On Pillow Binky Gray RARE !!Gacha!!
[Black Bantam] Newborn Panda !!Gacha!!!
[Black Bantam] Older Penguitten !!Gacha!!
[Black Bantam] Younger Penguitten !!Gacha!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Prehistoric chillin'.

Normally I rant, today I just picture & Credit. <3

Body Stuffs;
Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Beast Eyes in Green & Purple by Hime*Dream
Hourglass by Slink
Hands & Feet by Slink as well
Harley in Position 3 by Loud Mouth
Sugar in browns by Truth !!Group Gift!!!
Steking Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Dino Kigurumi in Sapphirausarus by Melon Bunny !!New @ Kawaii project!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Wilma’s necklace, earrings, and Hair Bone by Spot on! !!Now @ Genre!!
Relic Necklace by B&C !!Now @ Genre!!!
Spiked Dimples by Punch
Spider Bites by Punch
Sugar Piercing in White by Zombie Suicide !!Gacha!!
Koala Bear leaves for you by Black Bantam
Neolithic Facepaint in White by Spyralle
Batty Basset Hound by Black Bantam
Sweet Ice Cream Wings in Bubblegum by *Epic*


*SO* Stone Age Home
*SO* Stone Age Home Planter 1
*SO* Stone Age Home Rocks
*SO* Stone Age Home Tree
*SO* Stone Age Home Path Stones
*SO* Stone Age Home Mailbox
[Ab.Fab] Clawtooth Shield v1 (Model)
[Black Bantam] Koala Bear Buddy (hold)

Pose Set Ayla by Nantra @ Genre!!!