Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Costume 'Alice Ghost' by Dimbula Rose

Following up with our first Halloween look is a release from Dimbula Rose!

The name of this dress gave me the idea to make an 'Alice' type costume for myself using it. I'm torn on my idea of costumes, y'know? Part of me thinks they should be totally different from the way you look! At the same time some things can't be replicated properly so I like to keep myself well.. myself.

For this I lolita'd the strapless dress by adding a blouse from Violent Seduction. I'm soo loving those blouses still hnnggg. <3 I decided to keep my own hair color and went with a style I found at the Wizzarding Fair by Monso which I felt held the maturity that seems to be forced on Alice in any and every rendition of the story I've seen/heard about so far. O:

I really love the little details in this dress. The skulls on the back bows, the frills on the front apron type part... it's really well done and makes me wish Dimbula Rose would make clothing more often because I really enjoy their stuff.

Body Stuffs;
Khaleesy in Light Browns by Monso

Clothing stuffs;
Alice's Summer dress in Ghost by Dimbula Rose
(Hair bow included!)
The Lolita Blouse in Cream by Violent Seduction
Torn Tights in Black by Rotten Toe
Doll Ankle Boots in Cream by Lassitude & Ennui

Extras && Accessories;
::Neck Bow::
The Lolita Blouses' Rigged Mesh Bow in Black by Violent Seduction
Raven Mourning Locket in Black by Goth1c0
::Bracelet 1::
Selva Oscura Bracelet by Kosh
::Bracelet 2::
Emo Punk Bracelets in 4 by Scarpunk
::Rings 1::
Raus Rings Dx by Scrub
::Ring 2::
Mesh Passion Ring 2 by Pheobe


... thought I was done? TRICKED YOOOU~

Here's a treat!

A lot less dressed than my usual looks, but this shirt is so comfortable and cute and the panties are adorable! I love the little pumpkin on the tongue and the halloween bubble tea, too!! All of the mentioned items are gifts from Witches and Rats Halloween hunt! The socks shown are also from there, and the piggie slippers are from Blah. So when you've gotten your tricking done for the day pick up these for a comfy relaxed looking treat!!

While you're there, their red version of these socks are ONLY 50L for TODAY. (Wednesday the 23rd!!) So get over there. MUUUAAH!


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