Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Candy Fair fun tiiime!

Candy Faaaiiirr~

I blow so much L as is, and I've had to reign in because I'm brokies irl at the moment so I've been trying NOT to go to the events that happen in second life. Since I run a lolita group, however, I decided to go and take a look for the things that were there that may be useful in lolita.

I ended up buying stuff for myself. ;A; There's a lot of Phat Azz and bewbie appliers at the fair, and lots of show off your curvealicious clothes. I went for a more spunky and fun look over anything I'd normally wear to show off all the colors and things I got! O:

My friend Caxy started blogging, too~! His blog is on my sidebar of my blog list now, give him a look! We played together with the toys we got at the candy Fair

It was so much fun, I built the scene using things I got at the candy fair and some candy curtains from Hi Calo. It's not like super professional omg looking, but I still like it. ;A;

I'm sure most people have at least stopped in the candy fair once already, but if not get to it! It closes between the 14th and the 18th or something!


Body Stffs;
Trish in Wild Honey with an Orchid and Grass bow by Wasabi Pills.

Clothing Stuffs;
My Sticky Candy Suit in Violet and Pink by !Blah.
Mikiki Tutu Pastry Lace in pink and purple by Ninfanium 
Bear Tights in Lime by Poptart (Gacha!)
Lolita Princess Boot 2 Patterns in white/pink by Crazy Kitty.

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;
My Cartoon Crown in Yellow by Anymore Store (Gacha!)
::Cupcake Hat::
Mad Cupcake Hat in Concoction by .{Yumyums}. (Gacha!)
::Eye Patch::
My Cupcake Patch in Minty by !Blah.
::Bow Tie::
Cathia Mesh Bow Tie in Sky by Phoebes
::Cotton Candy Necklaces::
Cotton Candy Necklace in Teal & Green by RazzBerry (Gacha!)
::Unicorn Necklace::
Unicorn Necklace in Yellow by Kawaii (Gacha!)
::Marshmallow Necklace::
Marshmallow Fruit Necklace in Rainbow by +Half-Deer+
::Colorful bracelets::
Cotton Candy bracelet (In all colors ;A;) by Precious (Gacha!)
::Babe Bracelet::
Baby Bracelet Bright Colors in Lime by Fashion Fears
::Candy Bracelet::
Pixel Bracelet Candy by Kawaii
::Bow Ring::
Cathia Mesh Bow Ring (R) in black by Phoebes
::Macaroon ring::
Sweet Rings Macaron Ring by Axix
Hard Candy Purse in Classic {Cupcake} by .{Yumyums}.
Cotton Candy Llama in Mint by .Birdy.

Everything without links can be found at the Candy Fair!

Have fun! 


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