Thursday, October 10, 2013

RMK feeds my Lolita needs!

One of the first places any serious Lolita looking for Elegant Gothic Lolita goes to is the RMK Gothic sim. It has a bunch of stores that hold clothing, accessories, skins, shapes, and more that can be used for multiple gothic type looks... but it's also the home to the store RoukumeikaN which is home to amazing Elegant Gothic Lolita looks~

Adding to the mix now is Violent Seduction, another one of my favorite stores!

Come see VS @ RMK!

I've been wanting to do this dress for a while and I haven't done much... or any... Lolita this week, so back to my pretty pretty roots!

Hnggg I love this because it's so limited to find actual lolita dresses that are mesh. I only know of two places, the two mentioned in this post, that mesh their own lolita dresses. Any others are usually premade mesh templates that are too short or need jumper skirts in order to finish and are flooding the market because all they need to be is retextured to be sold.

I like variety though, so the people meshing their own make me soo pleased~
RMK's also hosting their own Halloween event starting in just FIIIVE DAAAYS. I'm so excited for it. :'D Hope to see you lovelies running around there then!


Body Stuffs;
Cherilyn in Browns by Wasabi Pills

Clothing Stuffs;
Lapin sur la colline in Blue by RMK 
(Includes dress, collar, AND hair bow! O:)
::Stockings 1::
Autumn Tights in Brown by Kyoko Couture
::Stockings 2::
Saloon Girl Stockings in Flower Blue by Overland Trail
(Tinted to be darker)
Eggshell Platform Cuties by Fashionably Dead

No Extras this time, I didn't think the look needed anything else. O:



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