Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Honey Kitty Twinning!

So when I joined second life I did so looking to wear lolita. A friend of mine kept showing me different pictures of her avatar in cute clothes and at first I was neh because I was content with my avatar sites. She and I have similar tastes so we often dress alike in different colors, though usually we're opposites since she's big on Gothic Lolita and I'm a huge Sweet Lolita fan.

As such, it didn't take long for Honey Kitty to take a permanent place in my heart. I still don't even have every dress from there, but every time I walk in I want a new one that I somehow hadn't seen before. (And I have more than 20 things from them, I believe. X3!)

Last Saturday we tried our first weekend Lolita meet for my Lolita group, and the theme was sweet lolita. While lovely Psyche an accessory set from HK we toyed with the idea of twinning for the event. The idea was like a wild fire. It went from wearing the same dress to the same cardigan and then we spent I don't even know how long jeweling our hair, together, so that we could have the exact same look in different colors where we'd opposite one another and still have super adorable sweet looks for the party.

It was more fun than I would have imagined, even the piece by piece starring of the hair. XD

Psyche is one of my favorite lolitas, she's sooo friggin' adorable and always keeps the same hair/eye color and skin look. Which is something I also do and I think is really cute. She has her own blog, so go stare at her cuteness! 


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