Monday, September 30, 2013

Violent Seduction makes me Princess of the Kitchen!

Clearly I wasn't feeling much better, and I'm still not but I'm so excited to show off this look.

One my friends and I decided was a challenge for fun, that we extended to my lolita group. Lolitafy this! We call it, and this time it's mesh corsets.

Saka showed me the corset from the outfit and at first I sexified it because that's what I wanted to do with it and I thought I made it pretty cute. Then she said, “I wonder if we could lolita this.” and I was off on a rampage ready to do so!

It didn't take me long, and I love the result! At first I felt like it was missing something, and then Violent Seduction released their regal accessory set Gacha (of course I needed the rares ;A; but so worth it!) and I knew that's what the look needed. I like to joke that as a woman I belong in the kitchen with my friend (Saka who is the 'male' in our lolationship) so I decided to take the pictures in the kitchen of her house! I AM THE KITCHEN PRINCESS!

So with this whole blogging thing, I'm still trying to find my niche. What looks I like, what I like to do, how I like to portray things. Please bear with me as I change it around a bit so that I can do this in a way that it ends up uniform, easy to read, and simple for us all!

Body Stuffs;

Natural color pack
New @ Magika

Skin, eyes, eye lashes, and hands/nail polish have been previously linked before and are the same as always. The nail Polish is the black one by By Snow available for 1L on the MP.

Clothing stuffs;
Lolita Blouse
Hot Time
Promo price $160L for the outfit 
Stripe Scallop Skirt
Striped Lace Stockings
Platform Shoes Rosette

Extra Stuffs && Accessories;

::Hair Bow::
::Crown & Scepter::

Regal Accessory Set Gacha

Black & Silver (Rares)
$35L a play.
Scepters and Crowns come separately!
New @ Violent Seduction
::Wrist Cuffs::
Sweet Delusions
::Earrings & Ring::
Black Cross Set
Room Of Amo
::Neck Bow::
Lolita Blouse
Mesh Rigged Bow
Violent Seduction
Locked Heart Necklace

Since the most time consuming thing for me is getting the links together for everyone, I've decided that I'm no longer going to link things I've used before. Please use the labels to find the original links from the first time I've shown them. Anything without a link showing you where to get the item is that way because it's been shown before.

Thank you. <3

Muah~ <3


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