Friday, September 20, 2013

Cute On a Budget 4; Yoko club look.

It's that time again, but for those of you who follow me for my cute on a budget posts, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. ;A; <3 This post is for you, and then it's off to blissful weekend land... where I now get to watch lovebug kill hookers. He's gotten the GTAV bug, luckily I like blood and violence so I don't mind much. I'm actually enjoying watching him play. I'd have done a COaB earlier.. but...

I just realized I have more outfits I want to show off than I know what to do with, and I keep ending up making new ones because of something I've found on the MP or was shown to me. Two outfits this week were totally unexpected.

Last night, however, as I was going through my inventory to clean it (It gets full really fast with all the freebs I get. XD!) I remembered and put together a more mature and fun look for you all. It kind of reminds me of a clubby look, so I went to my favorite club to take the pictures for it! :]

Aside from the skin, hair, and make up (Which I found cheap alternatives for you for! O:) the entire outfit cost me... 4L, at most... XD

Yes, that's right. 4 Lindens. Would be seven if you add in the make-up I'm linking as an alternative and using one of the skins from Mother Goose, which I will tell you about in a moment! O:

I'm pretty much a Decora fanatic, so the normal lolita styles that I wear are tame for me. Which is nice partly because I have no idea what I own anymore. XD I found a set of hair pins though, and from them ended up in Mother's Gooses store. I'd heard of the shop before, but never went there. I got 25 skins without paying a single dime. Got about 10 more for 1L each. Some of them are more silly/fun than serious and useable, but there are a few that are. I highly suggest anyone looking for a cute skin to go and see what they have. Have some fun at Mother Goose's!

With that out of the way, on to~


Hair; Midnight by  [ e l i k a t i r a ] which I got when it was on sale for like 75L. Why I decided to use it. However, it seems all of their previous products have been retired. ;A; I tried to find something similar really fast on the MP and found this which is all the colors for 240L and a lot cheaper than many hairs, but it's also not exactly the same. Lamb may have something along the lines of the one I'm wearing too. ;A; I'm sorry!
Dress; Mesh Sequin Violet dress by Yoko which is a gift I found on the MP for $1L! O: Rigged mesh in standard sizes.
Socks; Stockings are Black Victorian Lace Stockings by Lali's that come with Slink feet appliers and are free. (There's a white version too! O:)
Boots; Are Boots V3 by (R E D) which are a free gift. Mesh boots in standard sizes.
Nails; are Fashionable Black Slink hand nail appliers on Slink Hands Elegant 1. Nail polish applier made by ~*By Snow*~ and are $1L. I just got Slink hands, so I'm going nuuuts. :x For those of you without Slink hands, there's a dollarbie that's very similar called Cross Nails Gift by -Nemezi- 
Bracelets; You by A m o r o u s which are a free gift.
Necklace; Unisex Onyx necklace by *Respect* which is a group gift. I found it on the MP and was unable to find it again. I didn't know that the store was a biker store, because I wasn't reading, and was unable to find it in world because I got crazy busy, but it's from there I promises~
Make-up Substitutions; Eye Make-up Lipstick

As always the skin I am wearing is Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel. To get the make-up I am wearing I have on the Bewitched/Fusion make-up pack. I am wearing Fusion and I am also wearing True Blue Glam Lip Stick. My lashes are the same as always. Lush Lashes by Eye Candy, as are my eyes which are the Glass eyes in Forest which is in pack 5-8 from Roly Poly. My shape is one I made myself and is not for sale.



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