Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pretty fall, pretty dresses~ Room Of Amo Giift!

Oh fall, fall fall fall~

As I've stated a few times, I'm pretty terrified of going outside. Because of this, as much as I mentally love every aspect of spring and summer and the life it brings to the world... I oh so adore the sense of death and ending that comes with fall. Soon will be over the days that I jump because a bug as sped by me.. soon will be over the days that lots of people gather in places because it's nice enough to go out and do things. Soon will be the days of my peace!

I had peace and simplicity in mind when I made this look. It's not a CoaB, but it could be with how much of the stuff I'm wearing is free/cheap/group gifty. However, I already have a CoaB planned for you all this week. O: And It's a lolita look! Tehehe.

The dress and stockings are group gifts. O: The dress is one, despite it not being lolita which is my overall love, I really like. I like the colors and designs on it. It comes in brown or green, both of which made me think of fall. I like how short it is, because it has a little hint of sexy from showing off so much leg but still has that simple cute look that helps retain modesty. (Which I am all for!)

Anyway enough blab, hm? I spent the day talking too much, looks like you guys are suffering from that too.

On to the goods!

Dress; Charmant Dress in Leaf Green by Room of Amo. The dress is one of their group gifts, among many other awesome gifts and a hunt that has 6 free dresses (until the end of the month!) though the dress is free once you're a group member, joining the group costs $77L. I believe it's very worth it. :]
Stockings; Flower Dot socks by Kyoko Couture in terre verte which are a group gift. I'd give you details on joining the group, but I've been a member since I joined SL so I don't remember if it costs anything. ;A; I believe it's nothing, since that's what it looks like in the group info... o3o
Shoes; Ribbon Sling Backs by G Field in Dark Green. $190L a pair~
Necklace 1; Diamond Lizard Gift by The-N for $1L
Necklace 2; Water Bag Goldfish by Love Soul which is a former group gift and is sold to their group members only. Group join is 500L, goldfish bag is now 180L. Miiight be available in a LC, but I'm not sure I haven't gotten all of their LC gifts yet.
Bracelet 1; ! Bracelets Butterfly by Silkroad tinted green to match the dress. $14L
Bracelet 2; "Say it. Fight it. Cure it" Leukemia awareness band by Happy Face for free~
Head Wreath & Garter; Tintable Rose Wreath by Cavern Obscura for 160L. I derped and didn't realize it had multiple colors so mine are pink and then tinted orange. -.o~ Still cute though.

Please remember that my skin is always Elly in Sugar tone by Pink Fuel($900L). I'm wearing the Meloncauli from the Meloncauli/Amazon pack with the included Bitten Doll Gloss. Eye lashes are always the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy($49L). Eyes are the Glass Eyes in Forest from the 5-8 pack by Roly Poly($199L). Hair this time is Genesis by Truth in the Light Browns pack. ($250L)

The little heart pet was from one of Sanu's gifts. Last I checked Sanu was closed for a while due to irl issues with the owner. Unfortunately that leaves it unavailable, butbut if anyone hears about it coming back let me know because I looove that place!



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