Thursday, September 26, 2013

COaB 5; Wishbox's Charm!

Normally my CoaBs are as cheap as I can possibly make them. I try really hard to spend little to nothing. However this time two of the items I used and got for free are now items that are worth a little bit of L. Regardless of that, I really like this look and I really love Wishbox so I decided to go with it.

It's a little more expensive than usual, but totally worth it.

The dress is a gift from Wishbox, one of my favorite stores. From amazing lolita dresses to sexy silks and wonderful fantasy wear, Jinn has brought some astounding beauty to Second Life. She's got quite a few gifts, but Charm is a dress by her that I loved and purchased soon after joining SL, so I decided to show that off this time.

Aside from just having an elegant lolita look, Charm also has a sexy side for those of you who like to shed some layers sometimes and appear sensual and sexy~

It's something I like a lot, versatile clothing that can change to fit my moods.~

Anyway I don't feel good so quickie tonight~
The goods; 

Dress; Charm in Blue by Wishbox which is a group gift. Unsure if the group needs any L to join. Stockings, garters, bum frills, chest frills, and sleeves are all a part of the dress. :]
Shoes; Classic Leather Pumps in Deep Blue by Duh tinted slightly to match the dress better. $25L
Choker; Captured Heart by Inca. $0L
Necklace; Mudra in Silver by Twishee. $22L
Nails; All the basics nail polish slink appliers by Infiniti. You need Slink hands to use this. I wear Elegant 1. For those of you without slink hands, here is an alternative. Slink appliers $10L other $25L
Bracelet; Black Ethnic Bangles by Bird Next Door. $5L
Earrings & Ring; Black Cross set by Room Of Amo $10L
Hair bows; Skully bows by Wishbox. Available from their Lucky Board or for sale near the Lolita dresses. $50L

As always my skin is Elly in Sugar by Pink Fuel. I'm wearing the Tiffany from the Tiffany/Aqua pack. $900L. My eyes are still the forest glass eyes by Roly Poly. Eye lashes are still the Lush Lashes by Eye Candy. Hair is no longer available, sorry. ;A;


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