Monday, December 23, 2013

Royal Love

I have to say, I really admire carolers. I know I know, wtf the annoyance and blah blah. It takes a lot to go out and walk around in the snow (Where it snows) and stomach doing something that can be embarrassing in front of multiple complete strangers, at least in my opinion. Having the.. drive.. to do that, holiday spirit or not, is really admirable to me. This look is inspired by that, with a gorgeous dress by Violent Seduction called Royal Star. My only caroling buddy with me today is this cute little fat bird (Have you heard about my fat bird obsession yet? It's about up there with cows xD) by Silent Sparrow since I'm late to the royal star party.. but hay, when am I not late? XD

I loveloveloveloveLOVE the texture on this dress. I was going to do green because it's lovebug's favorite color, but I noticed like everyone was doing green because of Christmas. (Or at least the few I saw were all like green...) so I decided to go blue. I really love the color, and so did Peppperpants. XDD Not only that but surprise surprise my family is Jewish so I thought it would be cute to honor those effers a little since Blue is the Jewmas color.

My meds are REALLY kicking my bumbum today. I thought it'd be a week until I was normal, but I guess not. Now we're looking at two maybe... I'm calling the guy tomorrow because I can't function like this. Luckily I have an awesome lovebug by my side that is both supportive and understanding. Treasure those in your life that can be those two because it's really important. He's understanding enough to know even then I throw my tantrums that most of the time they're caused by illogical feelings and can acknowledge that he hurt me. I've learned in the past few days that my biggest problem in letting go is that no one ever wants to acknowledge that they hurt me, so it leaves me sour and vengeful about things because I feel like no one sees me as a person, just as a tool to be used.  This medicine is kicking my butbut, but it's really helping me think... which may be the track to getting me back outside. Maybe I can go caroling one day, hm? ^__^ Right now I'm a broken person, and lovebug's really caring for me. We got our awesome new couch which I'm going to laze on the rest of the day... or at least until I feel better. Coffee isn't even helping. Psh if this is what I'm supposed to feel like on this, I want off. My moods will be stable for sure if I can never get out of zombie mode. XD At times like this I'm very thankful for my supportive and understanding other half, because I am literally unable to function. He's so good to me. <33

The goods, before I literlaly pass out on you... which I almost just did. XD!

Mika II Frosted in Brown by Alice Project !!Gift in Store!!!

::Dress, Socks, Hat, & Blouse::
Royal Star in Blue by Violent Seduction !!New @ Reduced Price for Christmas @ Gothmas!!!

Lace up Boots Gina in Camel by G Field

::Hair Bows::
8bit Hair Bow in Blueberry by Tea.S !!Gacha!!!

Faux Fur Collar by The Secret Store !!!Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Unisex Scarf in Chocolate by Tee*Fy !! Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Suede Muff by The Secret Store !!Hunt @ Inspiration Point!!!

Truth Own Necklace in Chocolate by MG !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Here we come a-caroling antlerts by La Petite Morte !!Gacha!!!

Antique Choker in Blue by Theater Chain !!Gacha!!!
(I'm -really- looking for the rare of this, if anyone's willing to sell it! O: <3)

Bird-ee Sky Elemen-tailsin Elysian by Silent Sparrow !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Snowflake Earrings by Adoness !!Last year Christmas gifties!!!

Branch Wreath by Trompe Loeli !!Arcade Gacha!!!

I think that's all. Night night! <333


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