Thursday, December 19, 2013


So this was supposed to be yesterday's outfit, since I'm a day behind. XD I thought I made the greatest thing since Lolita, COMFLITA. Since it looks so amazing and comfortable. Talking to my Pepperpants though, I learned it's Fairy Keiish more than it's Lolitaish. BOO. I STILL LOVE IT.

I also threw out all my toys, since I've been throwing so many tantrums irl lately. I figured I should show everyone what I'm throwing at them. >:D This ADORABLE BED, that has such cute animations on it, the rocker, the moon mirror, and the holiday sign (Which blinks in a bunch of colors I'm just awesome so I caught it on the one that matched on my first try. Ok, so lucky.. not awesome. XD!) are all from this round of Bubblegum Alley. This is a two week event with cuuute things for adults and little ones alike. So get over there for your little ones, especially with it being Holiday time!! Everyone deserves a cute room full of toys to feel at home in!

I went muuch too nuts at the arcade, and ended up with these sweaters that I had NO idea what I'd do with. I wanted to do a lolita look, but I wanted to use a big comfortable sweater since they've been what I'm wearing irl a lot now. 8D Learned that I can wear it like this without calling it lolita since it's still cute. YOU KNOW MY PLANS NOW. OH NOOO~ Cutie pixel crown and candy jawnie are from Kawaii. Lovebug always calls himself the Candy King. SO I'M THE CANDY QUEENIE NOW? Maybe not, since we're not married... yet.. >:D

Shoptilyaheartsdropne? I'm scrubbing the house today. My awesome new Couch comes in on the 23rd. I gotta get the livingroom ready. I know what you're thinking, I've been moved in 19 days what do you mean I'm not unpacked? Lovebug REALLY hurt his back moving, we've been to the doctors and all because of it. He's getting surgery soon for his rear, which we totally haven't worked out because we need a driver and everyone at work hates him. The 3rd is going to suuuck. <....3 and they doubled my medication so I'm a hot mess tripping over myself and dropping everything. XD It's actually really fun, but keeps me from being productive at -all.- Sooo now I'm in rush mode because I found out coffee somehow fights the derpiness. HORAY COFFEE. <3333 WISH ME LUCK? Don't worry, I'll still be bugging you guys here. >:D <3


Body Stuuf;
Hair 138 in Mocha by Love Soul

Clothing Stuff;
Snuggle Sweater in Bubblegum by Fashionably Dead !!Arcade Gacha!!!
The Lolita Blouse in Sax by Violent Seduction
Stripe Scallop Skirt in Cheshire by Honey Kitty
Dot tights in Pink and Blue by Honey Kitty
Lace-up Boots in Candy by Honey Kitty

Extras && Accessories;
Hair bows included with hair. :]
::Pixel crown & Scepter::
Candy Princess Crown and Candy Cane Princess Scepter in Pink by Kawaii !!Gacha @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
::Neck bow::
The Lolita Blouse Unrigged Mesh Bow in Light Purple by Violent Seduction
The Scouts Heart Pendent in Mercury & Silver by Olive
Bunny Plushie Stole in Pink by Katat0nik
Milana's Mushroom Earrings in Pink By Atooly
::Ring 1::
Ring 005 Piano SP by A:B
::Ring 2::
Frostflower Ring by .:C:.

House Stuffs;
Miamai TCS Snowglobe in Black Foxy !!Now @ Arcade!!
Egg Nog Doll in Blue by Katat0nik
TOD Plushie in Cloud by Birdy !!Gacha!!!
Cuddle Bunny in Green by Buglets !!Gacha!!!
Friendship Antelope in Purple by BSD Design Studio !!Gacha!!!
Winter Yak in Angelic by Half Deer !!Now @ Garden!!!
Octo in Pink by LK !!Gacha!!!
Tea Bag Plushie in Pink by Kawaii Couture
Corgi in Bacon by Silent Sparrow !!Gacha!!!
Purrrty Kitteh in Gizmo by Yumyums !!Now @ Frost. Gacha!!!
Ox by Pink Fuel
Cute Romantic Cow (Found on MP Ages ago)
Ghost Plushie in Special Pink by Bebe Buttons
Artic Friends Snowshoe Hare Avatar in crème !!Now @ RMK Frost. Gacha!!!
Pwnie floppy in Lucca by Silent Sparrow !!Gacha!!!
Chibi Baby Bear in Pink by Razzberry !!Gacha!!!
Aeries Sheepie in Cupcake by A&A
Moomoo in a tutu by eNVee
Chibi cat in hazel by Schadenfreude
Cotton Candy Llama mini in Mint by Birdy
Sugar Plum Fairy Dalmation Avatar in Chocolate by Tama !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair. Gacha!!!
Joy Tree Lights sculpture blinking by Unrepentant !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Moon Mirror in Ash by Ampersand Photography !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Snowflake Canopy Bed by Noble !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!
Yuletide Rocking Chair by Unrepentant !!Now @ Bubblegum Alley!!!

I think that's all. O3o <3


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