Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Getting jobs you don't want to do is pretty much like.. the worst thing ever. A lot better when you're being paid to do the work, but pretty much still sucky. Cleaning the house is one of those. I enjoy cleaning and all but ugh when I dun feel well things just start piling up and then I don't wanna clean at all~

I have the same problem in second life, except minus feeling well and plus GACHAS.

December ends, arcade endss. BOOHOOBOOHOOOO! I still haven't finished cleaning my inventory from it, but I started! In doing so, I found out that I MADE A HUGE MESS!

XDD A lot of the items shown are prizes from the arcade. All furniture in the room (Bed, dresser, mirror, cabinet, wall laps, ect.) are from Olive and are one of the machines at the Arcade. I wanted the bed SO BAD and ended up playing a bunch just to get it. I DIIID! I didn't get the whole set, but I put out everything I did get to show you! It's a wonderful bedroom, in my opinion. SO. PRETTY. Not everything shown is from the arcade, and I'm not feeling well so I'm not going to be listing the items individually. I can say that the crown on the mirror is the arcade, the fox plush over the mirror is the arcade, the animal clutches on the vanity are from the arcade, the puppy glasses, heart purse, and the cuddle water bottles are all from the arcade... and the food gun on the dresser is from the arcade. Have specific questions on what something is and where it's from? Shoot me an in worlder! Chobii Resident. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. X3

I found some of this while cleaning my inventory too! This top is something I've worn when I made idly gonna clean the house looks and would idle cleaning a kitchen or something. It's super cute, I love it! Pink socks and leggings are at the FROST fair. Leggings from Chus! And socks from Reign. Socks are toeless and come for flat, med, and high feet! Chus tights are on a tattoo layer~ HAIR is also from the arcade and COMES with the adorable hair clips! Snow Baby is a collab between Birdy and Alchmey. I about D I E D when I saw it. Seriously. It was an ordeal! Lovebug had to open chests for an hour just to phoenix down me! Following a sign I saw at the Birdy main store I found my adorable little baby dragon. I got the ICE elemental because ice is my favorite and the most beautiful in my opinion~ This baby comes in all elements and the snow baby has not only a cuddle version but an avatar version too. YOU CAN BE A SNOW BABY! Also at we<3rp (which is where the baby dragon is!) are some Christmas gifts! I got this tattoo that says, “There is no fate but what we make” on it from there. I really like it because it's what I believe in a lot. I know randomness can happen and all but I feel that our actions always cause things to happen even if it's way down the line and SEEMS random. Why I never do anything without thinking about it a lot first. Or freaking if I feel I'm being forced into something. XD! ALSO ON ME ARE THE NEW FANTASY ELF EARS BY MANDALA. I'm supwer excited about these in case you can't tell! XD

Miss the arcade goodies? Never fear! The 1st starts OH MY GACHA's next round!!! Lots more machines to steal your money and give you goodies..
..and a lot more for me to clean.. @__@!

Enough rambling, hmhmhm?


Body Stuffs;

Cho Hair (IT'S FOR ME!) in Dark Brown by Tableau Vivant !!Arcade Gacha!!!
(Comes with all hair clippies!)
Fantasy Elf Ears in Short by Mandala
(Comes with all earrings & dust!)

Clothing Stuffs;
::Tank 1::
I love me tank by SS
::Tank 2::
Lollia tank top in Pink Buds by Mon Tissu
Leveled skirt by Helm
Constellation Tights by Chus!
Cozies for Flat Feet in Pink by Reign
My Piggy Slippers in Aqua by Blah

Extras && Accessories;
::Face Stickers::
Make up set 3: Rhine Stone Hearts Teal by The Sugar Garden !!Group Gift!!!
::Lip gloss 1::
Shimmer Lip Gloss in Peach by Pink Acid
::Lip Gloss 2::
Lip Gloss Highlights 3D by Izzie's
::Neck tattoo::
There is no face in colored stars by HS !!Gift @ We<3RP!!!
::Necklace & Ring::
Rock Candy Neclace & Ring by SBJ
Twinkle Twinkle 1, 2, and 11 Bracialet by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Ring of Unity in Silver/cyan by O.M.E.N
::Necklace 2::
Dino Necklace in Pink by Goth1c0 !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 3::
Necklace Shake in Strawberry by Love Soul !!Gacha!!!
::Buddy 1::
Baby Dragon in Ice by Alchemy
::Buddy 2::
Abominable Snow Baby in Mint by Alchemy

Slink flat feet worn and Elegant hands 1

Appliers on Nails are a new release by Witches & Rats at SL Fashion Week.

Enjoy your night loves. I'ma learn to play magic! O:

And aaahhh... someone wanna.. clean my room/inventory? XD! <3


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