Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's my perfect... what?

I know, I know. It's the weekend, I have a lovebug to attend to. He's totally obsessed with this zombie alien pirate game or something on steam and I can hardly get a cuddle out of him. He'll have beaten it and be bored of it in a few days. Shrugshrug. He's agreed to cuddle me in a few, but because I was on I ran into a couple hunts I felt I just had to share with you!

Know how some days can just feel like the perfect day ever? And you have everything you feel you could need. Some good tunes, cute plushies to cuddle, loved ones near so on and so on~ Usually there's always something to ruin in, and in move of our female cases it's monthly time.

Witches & Rats entered a hunt with the theme bloody christmas.. and the item she made for it had me cracking up. I don't think many people could have done better. What way to spend a christmas other than waking up to realizing you've ruined your favorite panties, sheets, and blankets? Plus the cramps and stuff, I'd be a grump grinch that's for sure!

Warning, bloody panties worn below. Not for those looking for serious cuteness!!!

These other goodies are from the hunt at Inspiration Point which I totally suggest doing. There is some cuuute stuff there! You'll see more from it later during coooaaabb. <333 For now, if you wanna get some silly things, here's where to do it! F Y I This post is such a quickie even my PICTURES are in low graphics! But I learned some good stuff about PF appliers that I didn't know because I didn't read like a derp. I got the curvy one and now my av has an ADORABLE BELLY HAAAH <3

The goods;
Kannibal in Light Browns by Raw House

Charming Dotty by Pink Sugar

Leaky Christmas by Witches & Rats

Bloody Tampon OOPS! By Mad Echo
(I love the silly things some people make! Though it probably helps that I have an off sense of humor. XD!)

Slink Fat feet and elegant 1 hands on with appliers from Elephant Poses which are a gift at FROST

Lil' Deer and toy tv in the display picture are both from the hunt at inspiration point by The Secret Store, so go go go! <3


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