Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toxic are the people who cannot peer into the reality of others. This is something I live by. :'D I look into all realities whether or not I agree with them, and expect others to be able to do the same. Because of this, I don't have too many friends.

Luckily I find solitude amazingly calm. Nothing's better to me than a sweet set up in a comfortable area where I can just chill and not have to worry about the rest of the world. Be if friends, fauxriends, family, or otherwise.

My look today is inspired by the amazingly comfortable feel you can get simply with just some nice things and time to yourself. Or with others, if you like people. I've heard everything is better when shared... it's just not in my reality for that to be true! XD

A lot of the things I have shown can be found in the 25 for 25 hunt. I loove this because it's 25 stores offering items for just 25L each. The designers don't completely lose out, and people who are looking for something cute and not too expensive get to get their fill! Also shown today are goodies from the Arcade, and the Holiday Sweets and Treats fair. Have you been over to either yet?

On me are some new jeans from Chaaarrrm. I really like the relaxed look of them. They're not loose looking but not crazy tight. I really like the little cut on the knee that gives them the look of having a little worn in time, and they make my av's bum look -great!- I also have adorable antlers and a little tail from Half Deer's new Gacha at the arcade, which I am in love with and will play at least 100 more times before the event is up! I also have on a super cute bag and sweater which are from the 25 for 25 hunt!! <333 25 L for this cuteness! Sweater also comes in pink and bag has two others Go check 'em out!

Sorry about not posting yesterdays, loooove. <.3 Stressful day with moving still getting settled. I've decided to take a week long break though. I need reeest! Hopefully all the goodies shown here give you a bit to shop for and make up for it, ne? <333

Body Stuffs;
Anemone in Huds 01 by Chemistry

Clothing stuffs;

Jailbird in Ice/White by Somnia !!25 for 25 Hunt item!!!
Low Rise Skinny Jeans Marine by Charm !!New item!!!
Cutie socks sweet in blue by Witches & Rats
Work Boots in Brown by Moda !!Shoetopia gift!!!

Extras && Accessories;

::Head & Tail::
Patwork Army in Pastel Deer by Half Deer !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Necklace 1::
Sponge Floral Necklace in Silver by Bliensen + MaiTai !!25 for 25 hunt!!!
::Necklace 2::
Ribbon Necklace in Mint by BCC
Reindeer Winter Tote by Le Poppycock !!25 for 15 Hunt!!!
Vintage Alphabet Ring in Heart BL by ASO !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Kindness Wand Star in Silver/Topaz by Boom !!Arcade Gacha!!!

House Stuffs;
::Bears (Sleepy, Ballerina, & Suave)::
Sleepy, Ballerina, and Alabaster by Boogers !!Arade Gacha!!!
::Tea set & Tray::
Tea Set Gacha by XTC !!Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair Gacha!!!
::Hot chocolates::
Hot chocolate heart & Marshmallows by Erratic/ Home !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Snowman by Noodles !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Candy Jar::
Watermint short candy jar by Lost Junction !!Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair Gacha!!!
::Santa Lights::
Santa Christmas lights by Conspiracy Theory !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Lil' Plant::
Fatty Elephant by ISON HOME !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Mom and Son by Mishmish !! Arcade Gacha!!!
::Santa plushies::
Octopus, Penguine, and Crab santa by Oceania Breedables !!25 for 25 Hunt!!!
::Lil' tree::
Metal Tree d├ęcor by Noble !!25 for 25 hunt!!!
::Festivus goodies::
Festivus pole, distrcting tinsel picture, miracle sign, and happy festivus sign all by ChiMia !!Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Bjd collection in Woods by Baiastice !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Key (3) Advent 2013 by Trompe Loeli !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Rocking Chair::
Fairytail rocking chair by Unrepentant !!25 for 25 Hunt!!!
::Side table::
Side table Blue stripes by BananaN !!25 for 25 Hunt!!!
Riany Days Les Poufs by Ma Vie !!Arcade Gacha!!!

Braided Floor Rug in Light Purple by Free Bird !!25 for 25 hunt!!!


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