Friday, December 13, 2013

I been watchin' you!

I been watchin' you, dad, ain't that cool?
I'm yer buckaroo, I wanna be like you.
And eat all my food and grow as tall as you are~

It's no secret that I like country music, but man did this song steal my heart. I have a soft place for children because of an event in my past where I was forced to terminate a pregnancy at the age of 15 due to having no one around to support me after ignorance due to lack of parental guidance ended in a child carrying a child. To me the most noble thing a woman can do is give her life to her child, if she has one. Because of this it's my biggest dream to be a house wife.

Due to Anxiety, I'm not ready for that and may not be for quite some time. However I feel like the theory of the song works everywhere. Especially in a place like second life. I owe a lot of my inspiration on adding all the accessories I like to my Lilikins. I used to be too lazy to plaster them all on, and kept buying them and letting them pile up and just sit. My style has seemed to change a bit, I'm sure, and I'm dressing a little more risque/normal than my whole weeks of Lolita... but hay, I've been watchin' yous, yeah, ain't that cool~

I try to keep myself in all of my outfits by keeping them more modest and cutesy than anything else, I hope I do a good job!

Today I bring you goodies from Charm~ This dress and cardigan both have boobie appliers, and if you toy with your boobies you can wear both at the same time (like I did) or pair the cardigan with something else. I have to say I've been having some hardcore sleep issues due to having to leave the house so many times this last month. Getting a trash can and having multiple appointments this week brought me outside again, and my creativity was all but gone until my love Katat0nik put out her new group gift!

I'm a little late as far as blogging goes, to start the christmasy stuff I guess, but I just wasn't in much of a festive mood until Kat was generous enough to give her group this amazing candy purse to be used all year rather than putting out seasonal items. Hnggg. <3 While I do love my seasonal items, I also love candy purses and have been dying for one since I saw them on a lolita blog so I lovelovelove her for thiiisss!! Kat wasn't the only one with a festive group gift that won my heart over though! Witches & Rats has put out their second group gift for the Lolita Haven group! It's an adorable festive star ring! So get on over Lolitas in my group and pick up this awesome ring that will complete any festive holiday coords!

I also love these stockings, and nails, by Withches & Rats which are her store's group gift (Nails) and available at the Holiday Sweets & Treats fair (Stockings) This cutie cookie is also available at the holiday sweets and treats fair but why am I rambling, ne? Less watchin' more shoppin'!

The Goods;
Body Stuffs;
Forget in Huds 01 by Magika

Clothing Stuffs;
Crumpet Red Dress by Charm
Poinsetta Cardi by Charm
Candy Cane Socks by Witches & Rats !!Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Frilly Lace Socks in Sheer Black by The Sugar Garden
Platform Cuties in Red (Rare) by Fashionably Dead

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow & Stick::
Carousel Candy Stick & Hair Bow in Rose Red Unicorn by Kata0nik !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Ears & Tail::
Patchwork Army in Teddy Bear by Half Deer !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Sugar Cookie 2 by ChiMia !! HSTF!!!
Tartan scarf (Royal Stuart) by Viita
::Necklace & Earrings::
Star Christmas Earrings & Necklace in Green by FG
Candy Bag by Katat0nik !!Group Gift!!!
Deco Pearl Bracelet in Red/Black by Kawaii Couture
::Ring 1::
Christmas Star Ring by Witches & Rats !!Lolita Haven Group Gift!!!
::Ring 2::
Ghostie Ring 2 in Green by Geek
::Ring 3::
Melt my Heart ring in Red by AUX
Nail appliers by W&R !!Group Gift!!!

Also, it's friday!~ You know what that means! Enjoy your weekend!!!


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