Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Talkin' Fancy!


It's finally that magical night so many of you have been waiting for, ne? When Santa creeps into your house while you're alseep and sprinkles goodies all over the place, eats your food and disappears without saying anything? Sounds more like any friend I've had in Philly. Except goodies would be things they'd forget and I'd need to clean up. XD I'm not usually ever a huge Christmas person. I much much much prefer birthdays. I feel more special on a birthday, so maybe that's why. I've put together a fancy little number for yous today for anyone wanting to look super suave at a Christmas party. This dress is from the Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair, and I love the flair to the dress as well as the orchid I'm hiding with my foxy friend. I took a picture for you guys though! O:

These shoes are to diiie for. I wanted to do an awesome Christmas look for everyone but I spent way too much L this month and didn't wanna get more. XDD I grabbed these in three colors (One for my christmas look and two because HNG) and I looved the white with this outfit. I just imagine the amazing jingle sound I'd get every time I... omg I wonder if they jingle I have no sound on. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME? Either way these can be found at F R O S T. Don't forget to stop BUY (LOL) for all the awesome pressies as well! Remember they work with the MID Slink feet only!!!

I'll stop with the Holiday Sweets and treats fair soon, maybe, but seriously there's a bunch of cute things there so give it a good look!

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;
Fernanda in Brown by Truth !!Group Gift!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Retro Christmas Orchid Halter Dress by BBSA !!Now @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Jingle Heels in White by The Sugar Garden !!Now @ Frost!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Storybook Royalty: Crown of Spades by Schadenfreude !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Foxy Neck Snuggler in Storm Ombre by Birdy !!Arcade Gacha!!!
(By the way they have ADORABLE baby snow monsters out. Hng! <3)
::Earrings, necklace, and ring 1::
Anua by Kosh !!Now @ Frost!!!
::Ring 2::
Mr. Yin Ring by Kosh !!Frost Exclusive!!!
Antique Choker in Red by Theater Chain !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Pearly Heart Necklace Special Edition by Fappy Gear !!Gift @ Frost!!!


Anyway update on me? Meds kill kicking my bumbum can't ever tell what kind of a day I'm going to have. Just woke up from a nap that was necessary! Gonna try to shower without dying and get back in bed. YAAAY CHRISTMAS EVE LOL. Enjoy your night loves!


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