Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Charrrrming kitty~


All Lovebug's idea. I'm also snacking on pumpkin spice almonds. (Can you tell I have an obsession?) Lovebug's really been there for me, from the beginning, and he always makes sure I can have the little things that make me happy. I'm one of those people who -really- believes in the little things, and to let him know I remember the little things as well, I compiled a look of a bunch of little things he's told me he likes!

He's hnnng for cat girls, so I am a kitty in one of Charm's new outfits~ He really liked the small top and the way the jeans dipped and how it also came with a hoodie so it looked comfortable and still a little sexy without going overboard. He and I both agree on the modesty is sexy thing.

This is a little sexier than I'd go, but because it liked it, it happened!!! I even have a Z name on because his name on second life is Zroxxus. <.3 Well his user, his display is Hideki because he is the Hideki to my Chii~ He is my lovebug and today I am his charming kitty~

I'ma play Civ. 5. :'D Nothing like taking over the whole world, hm? <33 Have fun on SL loves!

Body Stuffs;
Temtation in Coco by Clawtooth !!Arcade @Gacha!!!
Clothing Stuffs;
Animal Tiger outfit by Charm
Includes top, jeans, and sweater
Brienne.Flats in Snow.Queen (Rare) by Fri.Day !! Gacha @ Arcade!!!

Extras && Accessories;
::Hair Bow::
Temptation Bow Headband Gold Glitter !!Comes with hair from Arcade @ Gacha. Only comes with color 6)
Sphynx Ears by Violent Seduction
Black-White Bell collar V.2 by Crazy Cat Studio
Teuth Owl Necklace in Yellow by MG !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Glove Necklace in Stripe 05 by VCO !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Ring 1::
Luna Ring 04 by Shakeup! !!Arcade Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Vintage Alphabet Ring in Z by ASO! !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Kawaii JPN front tattoo by SV
Coco Animal clutch in Fox- mustard by U.F.O
Somali Neko Tail by Lemon Tea

Slink Flat feet and Elegant 1 hands worn. Nail appliers by Flair.

Muahmuah byebye~


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