Thursday, December 12, 2013

Simply Awesome; Coab 16!

I got a lot of gluten free snacks today, and I noticed ALL of them had “Simply” somewhere on them. Since a lot of them are “No milk, no nut, no wheat, no allergy!” type deals they think of themselves as simple delights.

In some cases, it's true. In others.. you're simply eating card board. XD

This week's coab is a freebit with BOOBIIEE appliersss. <333 For all of you with your simply devine figured! Now, why someone who spend over 1k on boob would need free clothes, some would ask? Easy, because sometimes those boobs are a gift from the gods! Or.. random perverted men... whatever comes first. xD

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;
Desiree in Pecan by CiCi
Hair fair gift, which is another place to get a bunch of freebs, lovie. Look out for the hair fair when it comes through once a yeaar!

Clothing Stuffs;
Mesh Dress in Black by !Soul
Bow Stocking Tattoo in Black by ViVi
Turn Black Heels by 9ty

Extras && Accessories;
Love Earring by Sadalbari
My Macabre Eye necklace by GFD
Black and White Bracelet Gift by Pheobes
Onyx Paw by Fall From Grace

And I think that's all. Happy MP shopping!

I'm suddenly craving egg salad.. o.o;


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