Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair Meets Bubblegum Alley!

I'm a person who is easily excited by things, but I'm sure you've all seen that already. I was in looove with the candy fair, so when I heard about the Havendale Village's Holiday Sweets and Treats fair I just about diiiied!

It's much smaller than the Candy Fair (Thankfully because I got totally LOST at the Candy fair like 100 times!) The sweater, skirt, and bag I'm wearing are from theeerrreee~ The Bag, which is made by my beloved Iki, is materials ready. However I have not switched to a materials compatible viewer yet because of my move. I'm working on it I'm working on it! You'll see it soon though, I promise! I'm going to switch tonight!

Along with that, which is going on until the end of the month, I've also stumbled upon the Bubblegum Alley event which runs from Nov. 30th until Dec. 12th. It's got a lot for adorable little ones, so go check it out if you have baaaabies. If not there are some things that can be resized to adult size, like these adorable shoes I got from Razzberry. <33 There's another pair of shoes and some adorable ear muffs there that I'm going to show off in the beginning of next week, but don't wait for me to show you they're worth it, go take a look!

The Goods;

Body Stuffs;
Curious in HUD 01 by Magika

Clothing Stuffs;
Favorite Sweater in Black by DG Designs !! @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Gumdrops Skirt in White by NMD !! @ Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair!!!
Nordic Tights 2 by Rotten Toe
Beary Cute Sneaks in Reindeer by RazzBerry !! @ Bubblegum Alley!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Sweet Devil Knit Hat in White by Edelweiss
Elegant Antlers in Black (Poisoned Apple Ltd. Ed) by Half Deer !! From Enchanted!!!
::Cuppycake Friend::
The Sugar Battalion in Popcorn by Half Deer !!Gacha!!!
Pop Lipstick in Jupiter by Pink Fuel !!Available with Elly Skin Tones!!!
::Necklace 1::
Animal Necklace in Desert Lion by Bokeh !!Gacha!!!
::Necklace 2::
Pretty Lady Skull Necklace in Peachy Keen by Whippet & Buck
Bolt Earrings in White by Miseria
Biscuit Bag in Coffee by Violent Seduction
::Nails by Flair::

Night niiight!


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