Thursday, December 26, 2013


Instead of just giving you a coab, I decided to throw a few extra things into this one as a christmas present! Of course, you're getting your coab as well which is made from things at FROST and the Inspiration Point Hunt! (Which is totally fun to do!)

Everything, and I mean everything on this look is either FREE or 1L. Skin, hair, eyes. EVERYTHING. This skin is a gift at Frost by Shock called Megan. It's darker than my usual skins, but hay when can a free skin be bad, hm? It comes with hands, feet, and boob appliers!!! Eyes are awesome and swirly when you get up close. They're also a Frosty gift by Adoness. Hair is from LaViere and is FREE at the Inspiration Point hunt!!! Only comes in this amazing caramel color but it totally worth adding to anyone's hair collecting. It's both simplistic and cute, but can be used for looks anywhere from casual to formal. Love it!

Along with the COAB I'm showing you off Sora by Pink Fuel. It's a skin she's working on that she's released in the peach tone in a flush version for winter. This gorgrous skin has all the awesome highlights and details that all of her skins have an is available in her main store for only 75L. That's cheap for a skin, and it is -beautiful- so get on over there! I'm so excited to see the full release of this. I saw on Flickr somewhere that people were trashy talkin' the PF skins saying they all looked alike and I have to say after putting on Sora I couldn't disagree more. I haven't changed my shape AT ALL and the difference in it due to the skin had me in awe. Clearly it's not going to look too much like a completely different person, as I'm the one who made the shape and it hasn't changed from my normal shape but hng. I love seeing the updates from Elly to now. Especially in the lips. * o * This is without any lip gloss or extra make up on either skin! The Ploom hair here shown with the skin and the rest of the pictures is one of their 12 days of Christmas hair styles. Each is on sale for 100L for naturals and 125 for fun colors. Go shopping before the month is over because there are amazing goodies out there!!!

As if that's not enough awesomeness for you, I've compiled pictures of all the gifts from the Inspiration Point Hunt (That I haven't already used in blog posts because I used some earlier this week in my Royal Love post and some in this coab) for you all to oogle over. The hunt runs until the 31st so you still have some time to get in and have a blast! They give you a map with each present marked on it, so it's not only fun but a lot easier than just being dropped somewhere with no hints!.. or even with hints, because sometimes they can be soo misleading! XDD


Body Stuffs;
Megan Winter Skin with Brown Brows by Shock !!Gift @ FROST!!!
Swirls in My Eyes in Emerald by Adoness!!Gift @ FROST!!!
Ella in Soft Caramel by LaViere !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Mesh Silk Top in Golden by House Of Fox !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Basic Shirt Melinda in Just Dark by Rhara
Rise Skinny Jeans in Chocolate by The Secret Store !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Louisiana Wester Boots in Black by PiCHi !!Gift @ FROST!!!

Extras && Accessories;

::Earrings & Necklace 1::
Portland Daisy set by Citrus !!Gift @ FROST!!!
::Necklace 2::
Christmas Wish Necklace by CoLL !!Gift @ FROST!!!
Rainbow Pompom Scarf by Tee*fy !!Inspiration Point Hunt!!!
Giraffe Bangle by TS

Nails are from Intrepid in a gift @ Frost

And there, my loves, is your coab! See ya tomorrow for an awesome look I'm totally excited about!!!


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