Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday fun of past.. present... and... future.. maybe?


That's how that goes, right? ANYWAY My little fluffball friend Holly here and I have come to spread some holiday magic to all of you. … or sprinkle you with crack, haven't figured out what's in this bag yet.

Most of my memorable Christmases have been in my adulthood since my childhood was crap. I have like two good memories of Christmas as a kid and one involved getting a bed after being homeless and sleeping on floors and in cars for two years and the other involved FINAL FANTASY 10 PART 2 WHEN IT CAME OUT. Most I remember from that is whining because they made me wait until Christmas even though it came out way before that. WAH. This year I got a couch, the best company a girl could ask for, and lovebug preordered final fantasy 13-3 for me because they finally announced the collector's edition. I've been holding off on preorder because I KNEW they were going to do this!!!!

ON TO OUTFIT GOODS, HM? I've loved the antlers since I saw them! I titled the post how I did because the main components of the outfit are group gifts. One is from Katat0nik from last year, and another is from Honey Kitty from before but it's still out and available. I'm not sure if Kat's is or not, haven't looked around her store lately since I bought it out sometime ago and just go to check on the new things now. XD These awesome leg warmers are from G Field who just put out their group gift that I, sadly, still haven't checked on. :x Shoes are from Blah and are for the Slink HIGH feet only. I really like the simple and alluring look to them. A special blue color of them can be found exclusively at FROST which is where these bad boys are also displayed. Face make-up if a gift from CHUS! At FROST as well. Since I'm not very able to give you all gifts aside from my weekly coabs and awesome outfits to look at, I took my picture near one of the gift trees at FROST!!! FROSTFROSTFROST I know, I know, but with the goodies ending soon you really should get around loves!

Body Stuffs;
Alhea in Light Browns by Truth
Human Teeth/Sexy by Shine

Clothing Stuffs;

Snow Doll Outfit in Red by Katat0nik !!Group Gift!!!
Dot Skirt in Red by Honey Kitty !!Freebie!!!
Garter Socks in Black by Anymore Store
My Charming Pumps in Red by Blah

Extras && Accessories;
Antmers in Christmas Snow by TBF
::Hair Bow::
Carousel Hair Bow in Rose Red Unicorn by Katat0nik !!Arcade Gacha!!!
Rudolf by Chus !!FROST GIFT!!!
Windburn Full Face no shadow faded by Chary !!Now @ Frost!!!
Star Christmas Earrings in Green {R} and Red {L} by FG
::Necklace 1::
Star Christmas Necklace in Green by FG
::Necklace 2, bracelets, and ring::
Holiday Set 2012 Necklace, bracelets, and ring by CPD
Christmas Helper Backpack Lights from Sexy Elf by Crazy Kitty
::Leg Warmers::
Leg Warmers for Heels in Off White by G Field
::Chobii's Helper::
Purrty Kitteh Holly by YumYums !!Arcade @ Frost!!!

Happy Holidays!


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