Friday, December 20, 2013

Coab 17 Frost 1

(I still can't believe I'm up to 17 coabs, btw. Thank all of you for your views, I wouldn't have kept going with them with such enthuasim if it weren't for all of you. :'D <3)

It's that magical time again! The weekend, the end of blog posts, and your favorite (I'm assuming) the once a week blog where I give you a COABBBBBBBBBBB. <That would probably sound like stuttering, hm? XD!!

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I not only had fun with this coab because a ton of the items are freebies/dollarbies at F R O S T but I do have another blog post planned for tonight of an outfit that I love so much I've put it off ALL WEEK because I wanted to wear it as long as I could. XD

Coab first though since the other is going to be a super fun one that I have friends involved in. Looove my friends, they make my every day so much better. (Lovebug included, of course!) and they've really helped me get through the crap my medication is putting me through. I decided to get a couch for the holidays, but that doesn't mean I'm not in the holiday spirit! I was happy to see so many designers were at F R O S T too because there are some AMAZING freebies up! So many, in fact, that I haven't even gotten to SEE them all yet! O:

I'll let you get to grabbing them, because they're are quite a few and you can actually get IN now. O:

The Goods;

Body Stuff;
Lilou (With Bow) ROA Group Gift
!!ROA's group is a pay to get in group, but the amount isn't much and they do monthly group gifts so I think it is VERY worth it. Hair, hat, and bow on the hat all come with this one. <3!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Sungaree & Sweater by La Petite Fleur
!!Freebie at RMK'S Frost Fair. Different from F R O S T!!!
Shine Blue Jeans by Toxic*H
!!Dollarbie @ F R O S T!!!
Ladies Black Boots by MW Boa

Extras && Accessorie;

Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns in White by Epic
Cashmere Scarf by PL
Snow Fantasy Globe Ring by Diamante
Candy Star in Sparkle by GFD
Mouth Candy Cane by Grumble

Elegant hands work with appliers from Intrepid which are a dollarbie at F R O S T

I think that's all lovies! Stay warm!


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