Friday, November 29, 2013

Coab 14

Oooh the holidays~ A time when people get together and..

I'm sure you've had enough of this all day, right? My Thanksgiving was spent packing and my special meal for the evening was gluten free corn chips and some dip from seven eleven which is open 24 hours. YAAAAY.

I'm honestly ok with this though. I was invited by my family to go back home to Philadelphia (or near there) to spent the time with them and family that came in from all over because my baby sister (who is not a baby at all and is really only a year younger than me, so 25) is having a baby and they just had her baby shower. I, however, have not been on speaking terms with her for a while and despite having not only spoken with her but having gotten her adorable alpacas shipped in with my lolita order (Thanks to the wonderful Sgt. Peppperrrr whom I looove~) I was still against going since I have that little gluten problem. XD My poor family. “Well you can eat....” “Noo, there's flour in that.” “Oh, well...” “No, they use flour to thicken that....” “Well what about?” “That's bread. :/” “Oh well?” “Pasta.” In the end I'd have been able to eat mashed potatoes, and only if they left out some stuff they normally like to have in them. XD SO I'ma do a meal here for christmas because I LOVE FOOOOOD.

I have a treat for you guys though... kind of. COAAAB

There is something I do feel thankful for at this time of year. With having to move and what not designers that make cute stuff for free for their groups or just in general are a pixel life saver to those who are lindenless. Birdy made a really cute turkey plushie that I just got the notice for, so it's not in the post, butbut go seee and next week I'll make a turkey postie!

The goods;

Body Stuff
11 in Chestnuts by Eaters Coma

Clothing stuffs;
Cadbury's cocoa mini dress (Comes with hat & Apron!) RMK Gothic Sim group gift.
Bow tattoo tights by Vivi
Knee High Boots in Chestnut by MC

Extras && Accessories;
Candy Cane in Pink by DL
Square Watch in Platnium by Iced
Silver Bangles 1 by I [DH]

Simple and sweet! Happy Black Friday shopping!


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