Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple and sweet~

I like to play with my style a lot, but no matter how many times I do I always feel the most at home in lolita. Last week a group member wanted to have a classical lolita meet which ended up being canceled. I loove when I see lolita outfits that are a mix of brown and pink.. hnnngg~ I went with one such mix in a simple look (Since I'm still not feeling well)

I had to edit the skirt a bit to give it the bell shape that is part of what makes lolita lolita, but that wasn't very hard at all~ I have to pack still and our moving has been postponed AGAIN until Saturday which is THE DAY we need to be out of here... now the carpet cleaner isn't going to be done until MONDAY so I may not have my computer set up to do any posts on Monday until very late in the day. Forgive me if I need to take a few days off, loveloves!

There's a lot going on in SL right now, the geeks and nerds fair has opened and I can't waaait to get my bumbum theeerreee!! I'll be late to that party as well. ;A; So go, go, go before I can show you the stuff from there I love.

The goods;

Body Stuffs;
Habit in HUD 01 by Magika

Clothing Stuffs;
Tweed jumper Skirt in pink/brown by Feather
Silky Blouse in Brown by G Field
Saloon Girl Stockings in Flower Gold by Overland Trail
Lace-up Boots Gina in Camel by G Field

Extras && Accessories;
Sakura Horns by Violent Seduction
2:00 PM Think about you in brown by I can't remember who and the owner isn't able to be found by my usual means. I found it at this round of Kustom 9 though... unless that's changed already. @_@;; I can't keep up with time recently..
Rock-a-knucks nerd by Geek !!Rockabilly Fair item!!
Key to my heart in Chic Fabric 1 by Rotten Toe

Simple simple! Muah!


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