Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ribbon with Lilikins!

Allergies are.. ugh.. the devil. I was going through some hard allergy time when Lili, my lovelove, asked if I wanted to blog this dress with her since we were doing the kawaii hunt together and stopped at the Ribbon store and both adored it and played the Gacha. She was like the only thing able to help keep me out of my super crappy mood as my nose was running and my everything was itching and I wanted to go on a murder spree of every spec of dust -ever- to exist.

I'm really glad to have someone as cute and fun as her, and yous should all go check her out if you don't already because she's adorable and I lovelovelove her sense of style!

So these icicles hanging out of my nose made me think of my allergies and were silly and fun, which was how I -wanted- to feel so I tried that whole.. dress yourself up to look how you want to feel thing... only I felt too neh to do it IRL so SL's a good second, right? XD

Let's all look funny and cute together!


Body Stuffs;
It's So Fluffy in Browns by Ploom

Clothing Stuffs;
Winter Doll in Purple by Ribbon !!Gacha!!!
Basic Shirt Melinda in Light Yellow by Rhara
Star Leggings in Purple and Gold by Honey Kitty
Druna Boots by Bowtique

Extras && Accessories;
My Cute Angelic Headband in Snow by Utopiah
My Cartoon Crown in Yellow by Anymore Store !!Gacha!!!
::Nose goodies::
Icicles on my Nose by Pumpkin
::Necklace 1::
My Cute Vampaia Necklace in Aqua by Blah
::Necklace 2::
Crown Long Type by Fairy Tail
::Bracelet 1&2::
Way Girlie Bracelet in Sunny & Sea by YumYums !!Gacha!!!
::Bracelet 3::
My Cute Clover Bracelet 04 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 1::
Melt My Heart in Blue by AUX
::Ring 2::
Bow Ring Rare 03 by Witches & Rats !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 3::
Pastel Rose Eing A&B by “R” Fashion

As you alll knooow, this is goodbye for the weekend. MUAHMUAH~


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