Friday, November 22, 2013

Coab 13 what you've all been waiting for!


Normally I love this day but lovebug's been off all week so all week has been heavenly! Since he's back on his morning schedule I feel like we spend so much more time together and I really like it! That, however, hasn't left me forgetting what I promised all of you! Coab with a highlight on FREE HAIRS. <3

I've been wanting to use this sweater for a while, I think it's -really- cute. I love the shape of it and how it sits, but more than ANYTHING I love the little COW on the end. (That's covered by my hair. ;A; <....3) I was going to use a different hair, but I really like the way Eater's Coma's hairs are textured, so I went with one of their group gifts. Most of the hairs shown today are group gifts but the groups are (As of right now) free to join.

I also really love these leggings that I found on the MP. They're unusual... and I like it. XD EYEBALL FLOWERS. <3 The shoes, sadly, aren't free and are from a gacha that's 50 or 65L a play at this round of Chapter Four, but I wanted something casual, comfortable, and a little warm looking to go with the leggings and sweater and I've been super busy moving and not feeling well so I didn't have time to MP hop much this week and look for a free alternative. I'm sorry!!

That's what you've been waiting for, hm? You can pick up all of these hairs shown and move from the landmarks I'll be enclosing at the end. The Analog Dog ones are very fun and are in free bubbles on their sim. The Diva ones are group gifts, but aside from the gifts she has she usually also puts out most of her new releases in the Ruby color on limited lucky boards. I looove the ruby color, although I'd never use it really myself since I'm a through and through brunette! Eater's Coma is a store I just recently learned about, so I don't know much about them but the texturing of their hair I like and they have a hime styled hair that I fell in love with and wanted to use for this but in the end I went with a free alternative since the shoes aren't free. You'll see the hime style soon though!

And now what you've all beeeen waiting foooorrr~

Body Stuffs;
Gift 3 in Chestnut by Eaters Coma

Clothing Stuffs;
I <3 Animals by Strawberry Jam
Scary Cats Slip by GFD !!Dirty Pillows Hunt Gift!!!
Sun Flower Freebie by M3L
Bow Boots in Rose by Coco

Extras && Accessories;

Bow Knot headband in Pink/Yellow by Fresh Trash
Sparking Sky lips by Baby
Liner 2 by Birdy
Lemon Pocky by Yoyo9 (AB)
Tube Coral Earrings by Phe
Anchor long necklace by Lil Things
::Ring 1::
8 Bit Bunny Ring by Yoyo9
::Ring 2::
Pac-man ring by Yoyo9
Squishie bird plushie <3 by Birdy

Annnd I just learned a lot about mono that has me freaking out. YAY. Have a good weekend! XD


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