Monday, November 4, 2013


Simple look today, to start the week off... with items I have been dyyyying to use!! I have some outfits I've been waiting to do and put off because of HALLOWEEEEEN so this week is catchy up week! I have some super full outfits later in the week so let's enjoy the simplicity of this one, ne?

I'm wearing TSG's last skin gift, LUNA in Vampy, I added a little blush because it was too pale for me, but I really love the soft tones of this skin. It makes me feel like a pretty little doll. Outfit is from Lo*Momo though the blouse beneath it is a Violent Seduction blouse. I love the shape of the skirt and the coloring of the belt on this. Hnggg. This dress and many more are on SALE on the second floor of the Lo*Momo store. Some are as little as 90L so go get them biddies!~


Body Stuffs;
15B in Copper5 by Eep
Luna in Vampy by The Sugar Garden

Clothing Stuffs;
The Lolita Blouse in Sax by Violent Seduction
(Comes wity neck accessory, belt, and chest ribbon which was copied and used as hair ribbons)
Candy in Blue by Lo*Momo
Striped Lace in Marshmallow by AviCandy
Lolita Platforms in Baby Blue by The Sugar Garden

Extras && Accessories;
::Arm Band::
White Arm Ribbon & Bell by NoRe!
Ribbons & Pearls Bracelet in Baby Baby by Whippet & Buck
My little Bow Necklace in Platnium by Pekka !!Gacha!!!
My little Bow Ring in Platnium by Pekka !!Gacha!!!
Starry Night Blush in Berry Soft by Baby

Sure Earrings in White Gold by CR


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